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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Curriculum Overview

Mission Statement

“Ivybridge Community College aims to provide an integrated, comprehensive curriculum in an environment where the whole learning experience is one of enjoyment. opportunity, endeavour, achievement and excellence.”


Our aim is to meet the needs of young people in Ivybridge Community College preparing them for adult and working life in the 21st century.

The educational vision and curriculum design for Ivybridge Community College recognises that:

  • The world of 2025 will be very different to the world of today.
  • The pace of change is increasing, hence the importance for flexibility.
  • Young people have and will have increasingly, greater access to information and learning material independently of College.
  • Curriculum delivery should involve the use of adults other than teachers.  These could include support staff, graduates, artists, sports people and people from industry and business to support curriculum delivery. 
  • Student experience at College should go far beyond the rigour of academic subjects; learning through enrichment opportunities should be at the core.

Ivybridge Community College’s Curriculum Policy is based on the following aims, to:

  • Have students at its heart, putting their interests above those of the institution.
  • Have a curriculum that is fit for purpose, offering differentiation and personalisation through academic and vocational routes.
  • Be a centre of excellence in learning and teaching and committed to continuous improvement.
  • Prepare all students for a successful adult and working life in a 21st century global society.
  • Exceed national standards in achievement, attainment and progression.
  • Nurture the talents of all and celebrate success.
  • Work with Primary Schools to ease transition.
  • Involve the community, parents and carers.
  • Be a learning environment that is above all else, inspiring.