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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Student Assessment Guide

In 2015 the government removed National Curriculum assessment ‘levels’ from primary and secondary schools.  There is no longer a national system of levels, therefore giving Ivybridge Community College the freedom to introduce its own assessment system.

Also, from 2017, the government introduced new, tougher GCSEs.  These new GCSEs are graded on a scale from 9 -1: Grade 9 being the highest, Grade 1 being the lowest. This is the same for all schools in the country.

Ivybridge Community College is an effort driven College and we believe that 100% effort every day is the biggest factor in student success.  Research and feedback have also indicated that government driven Target Grades based on Key Stage 2 data can be limiting and demotivating for students.  Therefore, in line with our PACE policy in College and our focus on effort, we will no longer be issuing students with Target Grades.  We believe that with hard work every day, there is no limit to a student’s potential. 

Please refer to the leaflet below for the details on how and when we Assess and Report for each year group.