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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

World Class Schools Quality Mark

Ivybridge Community College

recognised as South West’s

first World Class School




WCSQM Virtual Symposium July 2020  

On Wednesday, 8 July 2020, World Class primary and secondary school leaders, staff and students came together from across the UK and internationally for the WCSQM’s first virtual Symposium.  WCSQM is a UK charity working to accredit the best non-selective state schools across the UK with our quality mark accreditation.

In light of the ongoing social distancing measures, WCSQM’s annual Symposium, scheduled to be held at World Class accredited St Marylebone School, took place virtually, hosted by EdTech Demonstrator and World Class Sandringham School in St Albans.

Ivybridge Community College was in attendance and we sent them some wonderful examples of creative learning at the College that were showcased in the World Class Gallery 2020.

This year’s Symposium offered a range of interactive sessions designed to share valuable learning experiences gained during lockdown, to celebrate the achievements and resilience of World Class students, and to provide support and strategies for transitioning students, school leaders and students of all ages, who will lead the way into a new future.

Over twenty sessions ran throughout the day, led by World Class partners, Higher Education institutions, schools and students.

“We have a lot to celebrate at WCSQM. The challenges of the last few months have proved that the World Class skills and competencies of our students, the recognition of which is the point of our organisation, are what really matter. World Class students have the skills and competencies not only to survive in times of trial, but to flourish.  We are celebrating our confidence in the fact that our World Class students will win at life, no matter what.”  Miranda Perry, Director, WCSQM





**April 2020**

World Class Schools projects -    

  1. Certificated, independent, highly impactful projects for Year 11 and Year 13. to complete now.  The link is public for your Year 11 and Year 13.  No computer needed for completion.  
  2. Year 11 and Year 13 should join our World Class alumni general and specialist Facebook groups to stay engaged with and supported by #worldclass peers. They need to get on the pages and start the conversations.  

          3.    Our #worldclass supplier Strengthening Minds has sent out a free 'Staying at Home in Style’ guide, for students of all ages, and families @StrMinds. This would be helpful for Year 11 and 13 who  are looking after younger siblings. See tab at the bottom of this page.

**March 2020 Competition**

#worldclass competition

Please see below for the #worldclass competition for secondary students that 

can be done from home; 

  • they consist of meaningful learning, that will keep students motivated, engaged and positive
  • students do not need access to a computer to complete them
  • the material can be sent out as is, and students do not need any intervention from school to support them with completion 

The secondary competition consists of two parts, - guidance and a submission form. 

If students are at home, and over 13 years old, they should join our alumni Facebook general group and specialist groups to support each other with their learning.  Our alumni met yesterday, to organise their response. 

Humanities and Languages
Social Science
Performing Arts
Human Science

Technology and Engineering 
Physics and Mathematics 

All students can prepare for the #BeCreative campaign on Wednesday, 22  April, and participate in this from a distance.  This link to information can be accessed by mobile phone.    

Our suppliers want to support #worldclass schools with distance resources, for example 

'This language'
Tassomai - free access for duration of school closures

We want to support you to be #worldclass.  If you tell us what you want, we will try and do it.  We are your biggest fans during these extraordinarily challenging times.  

Please see the tabs below for further information and a submission form




Students from the College are attending this unique event and will also be attending the reaccreditation ceremony  later this year.








Students travel to London for World Class School evaluation.

On Friday, 14 June 2019, students from Ivybridge Community College travelled to London to meet students and staff from The Charter School, North Dulwich.  This unique opportunity was part of our World Class School’s work.

Whilst at our partner school we spent a day assessing the qualities and characteristics of World Class students. 

Students from our College found this a fantastic opportunity to experience life at another World Class School, and although we are very different in so many ways, there were also many commonalities, as both schools strive to maximise the potential of every child, and are outstanding.

On Tuesday, 18 June 2019 the College hosted a return visit by The Charter School, where we showcased a range of World Class School Quality Mark characteristics.  As part of the re-accreditation process each partner school are making a 10 minute film, in order to demonstrate the qualities of World Class students.

The Deputy Head teacher of The Charter School, Mr Williams, said of his visit to Ivybridge Community College, “You have a wonderful College of which your staff and students should be proud.   We particularly liked the lessons we saw and how passionately the students spoke about the mentoring, their work with the police and the cardboard boat race!  I look forward to seeing you in Sheffield, and to working on an exchange trip next summer.”


Ivybridge Community College was already established as an outstanding school, achieving six consecutive Ofsted assessments, and now it’s been placed among the UK’s very best.

As a result of this, the College was able to apply for World Class Status in 2016 and now is the only  South West school to achieve the World Class School Quality Mark.  This accolade is awarded to those that go above and beyond Ofsted’s highest standards.


World Class Schools is an award in which a school is recognised as ‘Beyond Outstanding’. It is the calibre of the student which proves the calibre of the school. If the school is truly World Class then the students will be able to own and demonstrate World Class qualities.

A World Class student

  • Is highly literate scientifically, mathematically, technologically and culturally.
  • Consistently out-performs students from similar contexts, and is committed to continually improving their performance.
  • Is an excellent learner, dedicated to life- long learning.
  • Is a compelling candidate in their field for higher education and/or employment, being globally aware, confident and prepared for life in an international environment.

Alumni Association

Having demonstrated their World Class skills during the accreditation process, students are automatically eligible to join the Alumni Association.