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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Pupil Premium / Sports Premium

Pupil Premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.

Ivybridge Community College aims to provide opportunities to access all areas of education for all students whatever their starting point.

Pupil Premium is therefore a key resource for ensuring the realisation of this goal.  The nature of the issue makes it essential that personalised rather than blanket support is provided for our students.  We recognise that not all students who receive free school meals will be socially disadvantaged or underachieving.  We also recognise that not all students who are socially disadvantaged are registered or qualify for free school meals. We therefore reserve the right to allocate Pupil Premium funding to support any individual the College has legitimately identified as being socially disadvantaged.

Each year we publish details of how Pupil Premium has been allocated and data showing the progress of students.  If you would like to know more about Pupil Premium please contact Ms Sam Ball, Assistant Principal for Student Services.


Year 7 Mathematics Intervention 2015-2016


12 students were placed in a specialist mathematics class, who received small-group, specialist and bespoke teaching throughout the year.  7 of these students achieved a level 4 by the end of the year and 83% made at least expected progress. 


An additional 15 students in Year 7 received 14 small-group taught sessions with an experienced Mathematics teacher in additional to their usual mathematics lessons.  100% of the cohort showed an improvement in their confidence of mathematics and went on to achieve at least a Level 4 by the end of Year 7.  All students met or exceeded their college target in mathematics for Year 7 including Teacher Assessment based on class and homework as well as summative assessments.  88% of students made more than expected progress throughout Year 7.


The teaching of these groups was funded by £12000 from the catch-up premium. 


Year 7 Mathematics Intervention 2016 -  2017


This year, we will receive the same allocation of catch-up funding as previously allocated to the College.


51 students in Year 7 scored below 100 on the KS2 Mathematics Test.  We are using the catch-up premium once again to fund specialist small-group intervention with these students to help increase their confidence and enjoyment of mathematics and deal with misconceptions they had developed. 


The students are working in groups of up to six and will work together with a specialist Mathematics teacher for 14 one hour sessions, receiving one hour per fortnight.  We have used diagnostic testing to tailor the sessions to the needs of the particular students.