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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Reporting Absence 

Sixth Form students are expected to attend Tutor Block from 8.45am every day. In the case of an unforeseen absence, such as illness, a parent should ring the main College absence line on the morning of every day of absence.


For planned absences, such as university visits or interviews for apprenticeships, jobs, etc., students must complete an absence request form at least a week in advance. 


The following information provides a guide to Absences that can be authorised.  Where possible you should inform the Sixth Form Office, located in the Common Room, BEFORE your absence with the necessary EVIDENCE. 

Absences that CAN be authorised are:

  • An evidenced (emergency) medical appointment which cannot be arranged outside College hours
  • Hospital appointments/hospitalisation – authorised by appointment letter
  • Young carers’ responsibilities (emergency)
  • Attendance at a funeral of a relative or close friend/compassionate leave
  • An official religious holiday, pertinent to your faith
  • Attendances at a university open day/interview or a careers related appointment
  • A driving/theory test – authorised by your DVLA letter
  • Participation in an activity which reflects a significant personal achievement
  • Work experience
  • Educational visits, residential visits or field trips
  • Sporting events
  • Sickness covered by either a parental note or a phone call to the College

(Absence Hotline: 01752 891777)

These absences will only be authorised if you can provide the relevant evidence i.e. letters, documents etc. 

Absences that WILL NOT be authorised are:

  • Doctors/Dentist/Opticians appointments, unless an emergency appointment

(see ‘Absences that CAN be authorised’ section above)

  • Holidays during term time
  • Part or full time work which conflicts with your programme of study
  • Leisure activities, birthdays or similar celebrations
  • Babysitting younger siblings
  • Shopping
  • Driving lessons