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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

KBG Chambers - April 2024

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Making the Case

In April, our Year 9 students were given an insight into working at the Bar with a Careers Assembly presented by leading criminal Barrister Nigel Hall from Plymouth-based KBG Chambers

Following the assembly with our Year 9 students, Nigel then took a workshop and Question  and Answer session with a group of Year 10 and Sixth Form students who are currently interested in investigating career pathways into law. 

Nigel spoke about his own pathway into law, which included working as a social worker and then a psychiatric nurse, before deciding that representing people in court was his passion.

His top tips for working as a Barrister included the importance of students:

Getting the best possible grades in English, Maths and other subjects 
Striving to put in extra effort into activities inside and outside of school
Keeping up to date with world events and current affairs  

Nigel also highlighted to students key qualities that are useful for a career as a Barrister, which included:


Being open to
doing new things

Having good Interpersonal Skills


The Ability to
work hard

The Ability to
be persistent

At the end of the session, students put their networking skills into practice and asked an excellent round of ‘quick fire’ questions to Nigel, which included:

What exactly is the Bar?

How much of your life does being a Barrister take up?

Have you ever been asked to be part of a jury?

Can you refuse to take on a case?