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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College


This is where forms can be saved that do not fit elsewhere in the site to be linked to

Domestic abuse link - /_site/data/files/sept%202019/C6FDABD88F4E1011C1B30001D680B6EC.pdf

Rachel letter link - /_site/data/files/sept%202019/810F7A0BB2E2765772771FE3D666E94F.pdf

safeguarding leaflet

Prevent info /_site/data/files/sept%202019/B5850D2EEC082E50B4DAE8C79F612CBA.pdf

Book club/_site/data/files/sept%202019/A30B59129BDB590B8235BD1536DC8553.docx


Digital safety


Microsoft Teams

Policy appendix

The impact of George Floyd

Babcock - loss and bereavement

Comments  -  staff first week back

Comments -  from the video

Comments  - Parents and students

Hand sanitiser in cars