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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Audition Success in MED Theatre Production ‘Moor Voices’

Ivybridge Community College Year 10 student, Eleanor, has successfully landed a role in a play called ‘Dart and Eske’ with Med Theatre.

Eleanor explained how the audition process was quite different due to Covid -19.

She said, “A couple of weeks ago, I heard about an audition for a part in a play set in the Bronze Age on the Devonshire moors.  There were two auditions available; one for being part of the multi-generational chorus and the other for taking the role of Whitethorn, a shepherdess.  This part was specifically aimed at those between the ages of 14 -18.  I decided to have a go at both.  

Because of Covid -19 the audition process was a bit different to normal.   I had to record myself performing a monologue they sent me, as well as introduce myself and say why I wanted to be part of the performance.  It was a really weird but a fun process, as normally with auditions you can gauge your chances of getting the part, but without the one-on-one interaction nor seeing others audition, it was impossible to know how I got on.

In the role description it said that ‘Whitethorn sings in part of the play’, so I also recorded a musical interpretation.   In total I sent two audition videos, one for the part of Whitethorn, and the other to be part of the community chorus.  Two days later they came back to me with this -

‘We are thrilled and excited to offer you the role of Whitethorn!  Your delivery of the text captured the strength and knowledge that Whitethorn has.  There was a real maturity and understanding of how to deliver a dramatic text and we are really excited to work with you to help you continue developing your artistic craft.  We were absolutely thrilled that you chose to share with us your musical interpretation of the monologue and admire that conviction and bravery.  You have a lovely soulful voice and we hope that you will enjoy working with our composers on this project.’

I was absolutely gobsmacked that I got the part, I thought I did a solid audition, but you never know what talent is out there! My first rehearsal will be on Zoom and this will be the case until restrictions on gatherings have relaxed.  I think this will be a bit unusual and certainly different to any other production I have been part of!  I am very excited to meet everyone and really get stuck in on this amazing project.”