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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

16 – 19 Tuition Fund ​​​​​​​

The 16 to 19 Tuition Fund - 2021 to 2022 Academic Year

Ivybridge Community College Sixth Form will use the 16-19 Tuition Fund to provide subject specific small group tutoring sessions to students who did not achieve Grades 4 or 5 in English or Mathematics at GCSE.

Students have been selected in accordance with the guidelines and meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Achieved Grade 4 or below in English or Mathematics GCSE
  2. Had their learning disrupted by COVID-19 pandemic
  3. Would benefit from tutoring in one of their courses and/or English or Mathematics

Where necessary, priority has been given to students who are in receipt of the 16-19 Bursary Fund.

The tuition will be delivered by existing staff or tutors known to the College.  This is to ensure that tutoring is high quality, relevant and specifically enhances and complements Teaching and Learning delivered through normal curriculum lessons.  In addition, successful communication between teacher and tutor will maximise the impact of the tutoring provision, reducing risk of confusion for students through differing styles or approaches.

Groups have been organised according to need and availability of staff; numbers for small-group sessions are between 2-7 students, with some 1:1 sessions where need arises.  All tutoring sessions will take place on the College site and will be arranged at a mutually convenient time, either after College or during the College day when staff, tutor and student availability is possible.  Sessions may be delivered virtually if necessary.


Those eligible for tuition, in the first wave, have been split into three groups:

  • Those not yet to achieve a Grade 4 in Mathematics
  • Those who require greater academic literacy to improve progress in their subjects (Human Science focus)
  • Those who require greater numeracy skills to improve their progress in their subjects (Applied Business and Applied Science focus)


In the second wave, students will receive small-group tuition over an intensive half-term course.

The first wave of tuition will commence from week beginning Monday, 8 November 2021. Students who are eligible for this support will be notified by email by October half-term and parents will be invited to attend an information presentation at the Tutor evening on Thursday, 4 November.

If you think your child may be eligible for tuition from this fund, and they have not been notified by this time, please contact the Sixth Form Team by email: