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Elite Talent Programme

Elite Talent Programme

What is the Elite Talent Programme at Ivybridge Community College?

In addition to our Elite Squads for five sports (Football, Gymnastics, Netball, Tennis and Rugby), we also recognise the vast number of high-performing athletes in other sports who are students at Ivybridge Community College.

We are proud to recognise, support and celebrate individual athletes who thrive in these sports outside the College setting, which is why Ivybridge Community College has put in place a comprehensive Elite Talent Programme.

The Elite Talent Programme combines aspirations for elite level sport with academic study.  The programme aims to give students the opportunity to participate in comprehensive physical training, receive support from our staff, and receive assistance with their studying.  Please note, the Elite Talent Programme is not for those in the College’s Elite Squads.

How can a student access the Elite Talent Programme

If a student is performing at a high level within their sport, we would like to know about it.  We can then ensure that (as long as they fulfil the eligibility criteria) they are placed on the Elite Talent Programme, which will enable them to receive support from the College and train with like-minded individuals to reach their potential.

Purpose and Aims of the Elite Talent Programme

The Elite Talent Programme is designed to help our talented and gifted sports performers to:

  • Be the best athlete they can be in their chosen sport.
  • Focus on their chosen sport in a supportive and specialist environment while also gaining academic and vocational qualifications.
  • Ivybridge Community College’s commitment to elite athletes
  • To help elite athletes, Ivybridge Community College is committed to:
  • Ensuring the most able students in sport are given opportunities to excel.
  • Investing in measures that will enable students to compete and thrive at club, regional, national and international level.
  • Providing professional practitioners such as PE teachers, sports coaches, physiotherapists and a strength and conditioning coach to support training outside the College.

Who can apply?

To apply for a place on the Elite Talent Programme students must fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

  • Be performing at a minimum of county level.
  • Be invited to participate in national competitions.
  • Be selected to represent the South West area.
  • Be selected by their coach to be a part of a Talent Development Programme.

What does the programme involve?                   

As part of the programme all Elite Talent Programme students are entitled to the following:

1. Profile

A ‘profile’ will be created within the College and on the College website that will highlight the athlete’s current achievements.  This will be a showcase that allows teachers and students to understand every elite athlete’s accomplishments and current training/competition schedule.

2. Funding and sponsorship

Athletes may have the opportunity to tap into funding or sponsorship opportunities, where available.  The College will be able to help with competition travel and expenses at an international level.

3. Strength and conditioning support

Athletes will have access to health and wellbeing monitoring, using our Athlete Monitoring System.  This will provide detailed feedback on physical development progress, training workload, stress, sleep, and wellness – all factors that can support the successful performance of the student.  We offer two sessions per week to help develop the physical characteristics needed for your child’s sport.  All programmes will be discussed with your child’s coach first.

4. Events and workshops

Events and workshops to support the holistic nature of the athlete experience, develop the correct mindset, and assist with nutritional strategies, goal setting and visualisation.

5. College support

Athletes will be prioritised to receive additional support and assistance, including (where required and agreed in advance) time off during the College day and using PE lessons to catch up on academic work.

How to apply for the Elite Talent Programme

Please fill in the Microsoft form here to apply for your son/daughter. 

What next?

After sending in an application:

  1. The form will be submitted directly to Mr Taylor (Head of the Elite Talent Programme). There is no need to email Mr Taylor.
  2. Mr Taylor and Mrs Reddy will discuss the application and accept or decline students for the programme.
  3. The College will email you directly to let you know if your son/daughter has been accepted or declined.
  4. If your child has been accepted onto the programme, the following procedure will then take place:

Contact details for Mr Taylor

Head of Elite Talent Programme and Strength and Conditioning



Please follow the links below for Elite Talent Programme press releases.