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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Poetry Corner

The following are examples of the wonderful poetry we are receiving from some of our students.



Leith, Year 7


Magic poem

I will put in the box

A hair strip from my favourite

Singer an album for listening

In the stary night to drift me

Off to sleep on the worst night


I will put in the box

Head phones so no one else

Can hear my lovely music so it

Will not disturb anyone


My box will be fashioned out of

notes drums and guitars violins maybe

famous singers: Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran maybe

stars around the edge to give it a shine

a night sky to a studio for where they all work


I shall

Put it on a beach when I shall

Think about the wonderful times

I have had in my life before I

Go to a permanent shut eye

    Riley, Year 7    

Haikus- Toby, Year 7





Lockdown Sonnet

For weeks inside or nearby,

lockdown slowly lifting I go outside,

and drive to a beach,

it is joy in the sun!

But too close, one coughing,

did I chose wrong,

endangered one and four

by strangers looking for fun?

Alarmed back home,

black ink crawling under the skin

at the thought of a gasp or a wheeze,

of a second wave on the run

A headache, a tight neck,

a pain in the arm and in the chest.

Archie, Year 7

Grace, Year 9

Haiku Poems

The ladybugs

Ladybugs are red,

And have black spots on their wings,

Experts at flying.

The moth

Moths go flying by,

They are very beautiful,

Fluttering around.

Guillaume, Year 7

Twisted Fairytale Poem

Silly little girl dressed in red

Went out when she should have been in bed

Hungry fox didn’t know

She wasn’t food to make him grow.


He went ahead and ate her Gran

All part of his masterplan

The silly girl should not have been out 

He’d eat her too before she could shout


He has a family to feed at home

‘Why am I the bad guy?’ We hear him moan

‘They get biscuits cake and bread’

‘I need meat and Granny’s head”!

Rhys, Year 7


A penguin stood on a raged rock

Feathers all shiny and bright

The sun went down

Which made him frown

And waddle off into the night  😊

Georgie, Year 7

Alice, Year 7

Haiku poems

As the snow falls quickly the mountains

 become covered there’s soon

 nothing left to see. 


Blossom trees there’s so many.

Their beautiful pink soft leaves

 glittering  in  the gentle wind.   

Alice M, Year 7

Cole, Year 7


A Lockdown Sonnet

The corona virus is here and lockdown’s boring

But not all is bad with more family walks

Late in the morning I hear my brother snoring

Whilst my other one never stops and continually talks


With no school we have to do work at home

Lessons done with the help of Mum and Dad

With no football training I have to play alone

I miss my friends but try not to be sad


On Thursday evenings we went out to clap

Supporting the NHS and waving rainbow flags

We followed government briefings looking at a map

We stockpiled toilet roll and over filled shopping bags


A strange time indeed I will always remember

I hope there’s some normality and school in September

Lewys,  Year 7

Izzy, Year 7

Writing a haiku

Thinking of a word

It can be difficult when

All of them are gone

Megan, Year 7