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Parental Feedback Thanking Staff

Please find below some examples of emails received by our College from parents and carers, during December 2020 and January 2021, who have taken the time to say 'thank you' for the support that we have been offering their children during this unprecedented time.

"I hope you have received numerous similar emails but I wanted to pass on our thanks to all at Ivybridge Community College, teachers and all support staff, for the virtual learning.  Our daughter is in Year 11 and this is a very important year for her.  We are extremely impressed and we are grateful and mindful that you all have your own families and issues and concerns at this time."  Year 11 parent

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for going above and beyond tonight and helping my son with his maths.  It was past the usual school day and you took time to explain some maths he was struggling with.  I have been through the video you made with him and he now understands it.  I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.  Many thanks.”  Year 7 parent

“Please pass on our appreciation to all staff involved at Ivybridge Community College; you’re all doing a brilliant job in such strange times.  Giving up school holidays over the last year to keep the school open for key workers children, putting safety procedures in place to help keep staff and pupils safe, online learning and even changing things last minute when guidelines change.

We as a family were very anxious about our daughter continuing to attend school at the moment, with her coming under the SEND department she was expected to continue to attend.  But she wanted to continue going, telling us she would benefit and learn more in the class room environment than online, being shy she said online she was embarrassed to answer questions etc.  She is enjoying school at the moment and is so full of enthusiasm, she can't hide in a class room full of children, and she has to be involved. 

So again thank you to all the staff, as a key worker myself who has carried on going out to work, I know it's not easy at the moment wanting to keep your family safe but still having to work.  We really to appreciate you all.”  Year 10 parent

"I would just like to say that I think you are all doing an absolutely fantastic job with all these new challenges that have arisen in the last few weeks and the past year really.  The communication has been excellent and the organisation of the College as a whole has really impressed me.  I have 2 children at your school, 3 last year, and they are thoroughly enjoying their remote learning and have had no issues accessing their work etc. Considering they were dreading not going back to school and considering I have 5 kids at home, the whole process has been made so much easier by the exceptional efforts you guys have made. I cannot thank you enough.  It can't be easy for any of you."  Years 7 and 8 parent

"I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone up at the College who has made online remote learning a possibility.  Today was brilliant and it has taken the pressure off myself as a parent and that has made such a world of difference as I have two other primary aged children at home.  What you have all pulled together with so little notice is just outstanding and is a credit to you all.  Thank you so much for all your hard work, dedication and effort.  It is very much appreciated and has not gone unnoticed.  Thank you so much!"               Year 7 parent

"I wanted to email to say how well today has gone with the virtual lessons for Year 10 and to just say a big thank you to you all  as I can only imagine how hard it has been pulling everything together.  I am working from home in a stressful job and have found home schooling not easy.  Today my son has been able to focus and even commented how he enjoyed the lessons.  That for me is a relief to hear especially when football is his passion and academic work does not come high on the priority list!   Please can you pass this message onto his Year 10 teachers as I am really grateful for their hard work.  Many thanks."  Year 10 parent

"I just wanted to feedback my appreciation for the terrific effort made by one and all to roll-out the home learning.  Both my boys were very engaged with their Teams lessons today and long may it last!  The parent communications have been excellent, with clear explanation; which in turn, enabled me to support my children when needed.  The timetable is also very useful for keeping everyone on track.  Thank you!"  Years 7 and 9 parent

"I was so upset when I was told my son would have to attend College. Anxiety and fear completely took over and I felt like I had no control over his safety but I wanted to email to say how wrong I was and my apologies for doubting you all as a school.  My son is loving the whole quiet atmosphere in school and he feels completely safe and he is getting amazing education at the same time so my fears are now gone and I am so grateful that he will not fall through the cracks.  My sincere apologies again for my lack of faith in you all and thank you so incredibly much for risking yourselves to ensure our children do not miss out."  Year 8 student attending College

"I just wanted to say thank you to all the staff at ICC for the incredible work you’ve put in to get remote learning in place so seamlessly.  It has been a huge relief to me as a parent to see my son engaged in learning since term started and I am incredibly impressed with how you have all risen to the challenge. I know it must be really tough for you all and just wanted to say that it is appreciated massively. Thank you to all the teachers, support staff, leadership team – everyone who works at the school - for everything you have done and continue to do to keep the show on the road." Year 7 parent

"A huge thank you to all the teachers and support staff who have gone above and beyond this term.  I hope you have a peaceful, restorative holiday!"  Years 12 and 10 parent

Please find below some examples of emails received by our College from parents and carers during summer term 2020 who have taken the time to say 'thank you' for the support that we have been offering their children during this unprecedented time.

"To The Staff at Ivybridge Community College, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone of you, who have taught and supported my son through his time at your school." Year 11 parent

"A big thank you to all the staff for their support and hard work over this period."                Year 7 parent

"My daughter came out of school much happier than she went in and told me all about your talk and the strategies that you suggested to help her with her distance learning at home. She also found being back at school was OK, and not as daunting as she had thought beforehand; she even quite enjoyed her lessons which is great!  We really appreciate all the help and support that you and your colleagues have given her". Year 10 parents

"Please may I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work set for our daughter and the contact from teachers.  The work  has been of a really high standard and has kept her fully engaged and motivated. We realise that teaching remotely is very time consuming and requires imagination and hard work so really appreciate the effort all her teachers have made."  Year 9 parents

"To all the Ivybridge team.  We wanted to thank you for the most recent update and helpful video of Mrs Olive explaining the work that has been going on in the background during these unprecedented times.  Considering the situation the College and society found themselves in, in March, We have been really impressed with how we feel our son’s learning has progressed so effectively. We can see the progression that has taken place and the changes to learning, which are inevitable as the students, teachers and college have adapted as well as us, as parents. Throughout we feel he has been well supported, with teachers always responding to emails quickly and positively, praising effort; against a background of their own family and other commitments which cannot have been easy.  Thanks you for the ongoing commitment to the education of the children." Year 7 parents


Year 12 Parental Feedback Regarding Partial Re-opening of College June 2020

"My daughter has been magnificently supported during closure by the History, Geography and English A Level staff, sincere thanks and respect to them."

"Many thanks for all your hard work in planning for their return to school."

"Thank you to everyone at the College for their efforts in getting Year 12 back."


Year 10 Parental Feedback Regarding Partial Re-opening of College June 2020

"Firstly, we would like to thank teachers for their support and creativity during lockdown."

"Thank you for all your organisation and hard work to date."

"I would just like to say a massive thank you for all you have been doing for our children, it is much appreciated.  You should all be very proud of yourselves, we are."

"Thank you for your great support over these weeks."

"Many thanks in advance for all your efforts to create a safe space for students and staff – the government is asking an awful lot of you all."

"Thank you for everyone for your support through this awful situation and all your hard work."

"Thank you for all you are doing."

"We appreciate that this isn’t an easy time for the College and teachers and want to say thank you for all that has been done with the online learning programme etc."

"I would like to give my appreciation to the staff that have supported my daughter at this critical time in her education and under these unprecedented circumstances.  Thank you to all the staff throughout the school."


“I wanted to say thank you for the certificate that my son received via his email.  It has given him a real boost and makes it easier for me to encourage him to keep up with his learning.   Ivybridge has managed the whole lockdown situation extremely well and with great professionalism, which has meant the transition from school to home learning has been positive.  Please pass on my thanks to Miss Sheridan for her encouraging emails and enthusiasm towards my son’s work - it really does make a difference.”  Year 10 parent


“I just wanted to personally thank the SEND department and in particular Mrs Lindsey, she had been such a crucial link between my son and the school and has always ensured we have had their full support throughout.   From the regular phone calls to the reassuring conversations, it has ensured that we have had stability and continued routine throughout our home learning.
The whole of the Year 7 staff has also been exemplary they are there for us all the time, no matter what, thank you.” Year 7 parent


"I would like to thank my daughter’s Year 7 tutor for his quick and positive response to my concern and for his lovely email in return, he was on it like a rocket!  This was exemplary support and I think you are doing a terrific job.” Years 7 and 8 parent

"Hello,  we just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff who are working so hard to keep students up to date and engaged in their learning.  Our daughter is following, as much as possible, her timetable and has enough work to keep her going throughout the day and enough support from her teachers to ask for or seek help should she need it.  It is so difficult for all the teachers, as I am sure most of them have families of their own they are also trying to keep going.  So we just wanted to say thank you, and express our gratitude to you all.  We also have a Year 6 who will be starting in September and we have had contact from the Transition Team about that too.  Well done Ivybridge! We all feel informed and confident you are in control of our children’s education in these uncertain times.  Many thanks"  Year 8 parents

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the weekly menu for learning.  It has made such a difference in our household.  My husband and I are still having to work full time (I am luckily able to from home, but seem to be permanently on a Skype call!). Our child is in Year 10 and we are really still very worried about his education, he doesn’t always apply himself as much as he could, but with this structure he has direction and has to my relief actually said that he has learnt quite a bit this week.  I know as well that I can go through it at the beginning and the end of the week with him to ensure he is doing what is asked.  These are challenging times for all and our home is not the same as a school environment, but I feel at least we are now able to support our son better.  Plus he likes that he can mix it up with documentaries and on line resources, he managed to justify watching a Muppet Christmas Carol with us this week."  Year 10 parent

"I would like to just say as a school you are doing a fab job and hope you are all keeping well.  Working in a school at this time and adapting to what has happened has been a difficult challenge as I work in a primary school as well and I know you may feel not everyone appreciates what you do. So once again you are doing a fab job and fully supporting your students. Well done."  Year 12 parent

"Thank you again, to you and all the staff at ICC for all you are doing for our children.   We are totally in awe of you and very grateful for all you are doing."    Year 8 parent

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to pass on our thanks to everyone at the College during these uncertain times. The communication that you have been providing to both parents/carers and students has been second to none.  The ‘Weekly Menu’ and clarification of expectations that we received this week is greatly appreciated and will certainly help to alleviate tensions in many households I’m sure. It’s a difficult time for us all and I would again to express how grateful we are to everyone at the College."  Year 8 Parent

"I just wanted to express my gratitude for all of your dedication and hard work to supporting my daughter.  I have always had nothing but praise for the way the college supports students, in both education and mental health and the way in which you are dealing with this unprecedented situation is just fabulous."  Year 8 Parent

"Just to say thank you for sending through this year 8 ‘menu’, it’s a fantastic idea, and so helpful in making sure that us, as parents, can guide our children in completing what they need to do each week - certainly a challenge at this time!  Thank you again, the communication from you is invaluable."  Year 8 Parent

“I just want to say how helpful the menu will be.  My son appears to be setting himself a routine and doing work set.  However this will really help my husband and I to help keep him on track and prompt him to find things.   Really pleased with the virtual drama lessons that have been taking place too.  Many thanks to all staff, the balance re expectations v reality of home schooling when we are both also still trying to work seems well matched.”  Year 10 parents

“Thank you for your emails for support with home learning. My son has been engaging in homework daily and submitting what he can.  I just wanted to make you aware that he has no access to a computer, but although challenging, this has not deterred him to try to complete all tasks.  He has made his tutor aware when she contacted him by email.  He is enjoying immensely the challenges set weekly for the Rugby Academy - great support.”

Year 9 parent

"Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team. The (Clap for our Carers Football)  video is so well put together and completely inspirational!  I will show it to all of my colleagues at Torbay Hospital.  Thank you!" Year 7 parent

"I would just like to say a very big thank you to yourself and all the other teachers that are sending work to all the students daily.  I am working with my son daily on his schedule and we are following the school timetable including break and lunch. The only difference for my son is he is not at school but both him and my daughter have embraced the situation and are working extremely hard.  Please would you be kind enough to pass on my thanks to your colleagues." Years 7 and 10 parent

"I think Ivybridge is handling education during this lockdown very well indeed."                 Year 9 parent

"As a teacher, I fully appreciate the work you are putting in to supporting students at home.  Thank you so much for your work with this"  Year 9 parent

"Thank you very much for the letter that I received today- it’s so useful to have the support and advice from yourselves!"  Years 8 and 13 parent

"Many, many thanks and a big thank you for your support for my daughter."  Year 7 parent

"Thanks so much for the quick and reassuring reply, difficult times for everyone!"           Year 9 parent

"In these uncertain times I just wanted to express my gratitude with the homework that you have obviously spent a long time preparing. We are loving the topics! Your power points on Antarctica, Extreme Weather and Flooding have been amazing and so interesting. (I wish I could come back to school and do it all again!)   I completely appreciate that your lives are very different, with your own families to look after and I just wanted to sincerely send my gratitude for all of your hard work. I must admit I am loving the home learning...although I am sure I will be ready to hand him back to yourselves at the end !!  My son has adopted a good working pattern and that has been installed by yourselves, so thank you.  We are looking forward to writing our newspaper article next week on flooding. Thanks again, and stay safe."  Year 7 parent

"I just want to say thank you to all staff at Ivybridge for the amazing work you are all doing to support your students during this challenging time of school closure. Having had the privilege to work with you, it is lovely to now see the College purely from a parental perspective.  My daughter was so happy on Sunday evening as she read through the emails from her teachers - a mixture of precise and reassuring instructions, quirky and engaging tasks, communications with humour and a personal touch ( Kate Allott’s HapPEA story!) as well as detailed, positive and constructive feedback (thanks Jo Hewish). When she read all these emails, she did not feel overwhelmed or confused but quite the opposite. The way in which you have chosen to structure the learning and to communicate this with students and parents has been thoughtful, supportive and clear. Advice and guidance has been timely and thorough.

So thanks to the whole Ivybridge team, from support staff, to teachers, to pastoral leaders, to heads of departments and the leadership team. I know how hard you are all working and you’re doing a brilliant job. My daughter is engaged with her learning and as happy and reassured as she can be in these crazy times, and so I’m sure are hundreds of other students and parents."   Year 10 parent