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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Opening Eyes to Hate Crime

We were delighted to be joined by Police Constable Ruth Lee who gave groups of students a Seminar on Hate Crime – an exploration of the law and hate speech.

As part of the session, PC Lee gave students an insight into Prejudice as a defining characteristic of a hate crime.

The workshop also covered topics including Discrimination, including a definition and real life examples.

The groups were also introduced to key aspects such as Stereotypes and Hostility in a hate crime context, supported by definitions from Legal Practice.

The sessions also included references to theories and legislation including the Single Equality Act, as well as Daniel Kahneman’s famous System 1 and System 2 theories on human thought.

Students, though, were also given practical information, including ways in which they can overcome or respond to a hate incident as well as the process of how a crime is investigated by the police.

We would like to thank Ruth Lee for these very informative workshops.