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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Gymnastics Academy

Gymnastics Academy

Ivybridge Community College Gymnastics Academy believes in promoting self-esteem and creating self-confidence in children through the sport of Gymnastics.  The teachers at the College provide skilled and fun instruction to all children.


We encourage children to achieve their potential and we regard safety as our highest priority.  We believe that Gymnastics can give your child an advantage in their sporting, academic, physical, mental, and social development.


Our Values

  1. To provide a safe and structured environment.
  2. To teach and coach Gymnastics at a level appropriate to the individual gymnast.
  3. To ensure every gymnast reaches their potential.
  4. To provide an enjoyable learning environment.
  5. To provide competition opportunities at a level appropriate for all gymnasts.
  6. To develop a child's confidence and self-esteem.
  7. To enable others interested in the sport to learn basic coaching skills and attend courses to further their knowledge.

Gymnastics Academy Structure


The Benefits of the Gymnastics Academy

•     Develops co-ordination and flexibility                                                                            •     Develops strength and power                                                                                    •     Increases self-esteem and confidence                                                                        •     Develops skills to enhance other sports                                                                    •     Fosters interaction with peers                                                                                        •     Provides the foundation for fitness and fundamentals of movement                      •     Teach young people to learn, listen, and follow instructions                                      •     Improve fine motor skills                                                                                            •     Improve self-discipline                                                                                                •     Promotes a healthy lifestyle                                                                                        •     Raise expectations and positive approach to learning                                             •     Receive training from experienced British-Gymnastics-qualified coaches               •     Learn the value of team cohesion and social support                                              •     Compete in local, regional, national, and international competitions                     •     Represent the College and perform in shows, festivals, events and celebrations   •     Perform in the College’s Performing Arts Show


External Links

Name of Club


Telephone Number

Email Address

Plymouth Swallows 

Plymouth  PL6 8BE

01752 782345

Zero Gravity 

Saltash    PL12 6TW

01752 842517

Tumbling Teddies Gymnastics

Plymouth  PL7 1YB

07432 710106

Rebound Gymnastics Club

Plymouth  PL4 7PG

07967 544353



Overview of Gymnastics Elite Squad Training

Students will experience a part-time Gymnastics programme during their PE lessons.  This will comprise:

  • 2 or 3 x Core PE lessons with their PE teacher
  • 1 x Strength and Conditioning Session (Year 7 only)
  • 1 or 2 Specific Sports Academy training sessions