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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Discovering your Identity

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Students from Year 9 were invited to an inspiring and culture-based arts workshop led by Azza Gasim, an interdisciplinary artist.

Participants were challenged to put together a piece of artwork linked with the idea of ‘Discovering your Identity’.

Students created a variety of work, using a variety of techniques, ideas and designs, based on a variety of subjects including... 







Inspirations (covered in the session)

The aim was to create a piece of work that students could look at and remind themselves of the good times of their lives when they are experiencing difficult periods and to remind themselves of the challenges they can do or have taken on and accomplished in the past.

Azza is an interdisciplinary artist whose journeys have taken her around the world, including Africa and Dubai as well as the UK.

She studied Fashion as her University degree and met people from a variety of countries as part of her studies.

She has also created a variety of artwork, including the Mural in Union Street, Plymouth as well as designing clothing for the musician Alicia Keyes.

We thank Azza for delivering the session as part of Culture Fest and are looking forward to welcoming her back soon.