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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Computer Science and ICT

Head of Department: Neil Bechley

Welcome to Computer Science and ICT where we bring together the three strands of Digital Literacy, Information Technology and Computing into exciting and practically driven teaching and learning.  Our core aim is to ensure that students are confident, competent and creative users and developers of Computer Science and ICT Systems.

Key Stage 3 

We have developed a curriculum across Key Stage 3 that develops and challenges our students in all of these three areas, including but not limited to: digital imaging, binary and control systems, spreadsheet modelling, eSafety, digital footprint and identity theft, text based programming and website design.

Key Stage 4 

Within Key Stage 4, there are two courses available to all students to opt for either or both.  These qualifications are GCSE Computer Science and the Cambridge National in Creative iMedia.  The iMedia course is our ICT qualification and offers the students the ability to produce a digital interactive showcase in the form of a website, digital imaging, interactive presentation or information kiosk application.  We aim to draw upon the students' imagination and creativity in the design, production and refinement of photographs, videos and digital graphics for their digital interactive showcase.  By contrast the GCSE Computer Science is a more mathematically grounded subject where students embark upon an exciting journey through programming and computer systems with an assignment in Year 11 involving students creating their own programs.  Students learn the importance of computational thinking which underpins all computer systems as well as getting an appreciation for computer hardware.

Key Stage 5 

At Key Stage 5 there is again a split between ICT and Computer Science.  In Computer Science the students push their understanding of computational thinking, programming and computer hardware further and have the opportunity to produce a substantial application in response to a client brief by using their programming skills.  ICT on the other hand sees our students progress through two examined units which develop the students' understanding of the use of ICT in the world of business and work, followed by 3 creative coursework units of website design, game design and project management whereby students will be able to express their creativity working toward developing applications.

With the mix of Computer Science and ICT options available within the Department, we believe that we offer every young person valuable skills which will equip them for a world where technological skills are paramount.