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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Casting Decisions

Beauty and the Beast

A note about our casting decisions:

The staff involved in the auditions would first of all like to congratulate all students who decided to audition for a part, it can be very nerve racking to go in front of a panel and perform.  We saw some really wonderful talent from throughout the College, and many casting choices were very difficult to make.  Approximately 60 students auditioned, and so it is inevitable that many of you might be disappointed not to have the role you hoped for.

If you were unsuccessful in your audition, this is not a message to you that your audition was bad.  When casting, we look at a number of factors to help us make what we feel is the right decision for the production:  vocal and physical qualities as appropriate for the role, interaction, a positive and focused attitude, age, how your character might match up with another character, experience, and many other factors.  A careful decision has been made for every part.

We are very excited to announce our Casting Decisions for Beauty and the Beast, and are looking forward to working with such a talented ensemble!  Congratulations to everyone who took part, and we urge you to congratulate each other too!

Casting Decisions

Character Name

Student Cast


Emily Bruce


Jacob Purkis


Jacob Atkins

Le Fou

Joe Pollock


Sam Fogg


Naomi Gath

Mrs Potts

Tilly Powell


Amelia Beck


Helen Seymour


Georgia Goodey


Jonathan Bird

Madame D’Arque

Niamh Lindberg-Stevens


Molly Lynch

Silly Girls

Ellie Miller

Neeve Richardson


Amelia Green