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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

'Thank you' from our students

Thank you to all of the students and parents who have contacted the College to share their appreciation of our staff.


“I have been a student at Ivybridge for the past 7 years and would just like to say a massive thank you to all the teachers at the school who made my time there so brilliant.  I joined the school knowing no one, having recently moved from the North West, and was immediately welcomed into the school, with Mrs Philpot and Mr O'Hara, my Head of Year and Tutor at the time, making this a particularly easy transition.

Then throughout my years in the College, I was continually helped by many teachers, specifically, I would like to mention Miss Morley and Mr Hastings, who in GCSE helped me to realise my passion for Maths and Geography and achieve the best possible grades in these subjects.  During A Level, I would also like to thank the effort that Dr White, Mr Turner and Mr Guy put into each and every lesson, I am just saddened that I won't be able to put this into use in an exam setting, but will use this knowledge that they gave me in my course at university.  I would also like to thank Mr Cook, for persevering in teaching me Further Maths even in some of my dumbest moments.

The opportunities that I have received at this school have been amazing.  My favourite memory will be a 4 week trip to Ecuador, where I believe I learnt many life lessons.  I attended this trip with teachers who I have already mentioned but I would also love to thank Nicola Davidson, for being the most lovely, caring person I have ever met.

I also realise that there are many people behind the scenes, who I wish I could thank but simply do not know their names.  So I would like to thank everyone at the school for making my time unforgettable, I'll be sad to go.” Sixth Form student  


“I just want to say thank you to you and everyone at Ivybridge Community College.  I am truly sad to end the year and my time at school so suddenly through being unwell.  It wasn’t as I planned it; or as anyone planned it. I had hoped to take the time to thank each of you in person, but that’s not to be…for the moment...  You have given me the foundations to pursue my ambitions in life. You’ve provided so many opportunities and lots of encouragement and support, and most of all you’ve helped me build my confidence.  And it’s been a blast!!

I want to thank all of my Teachers, my Tutors, including Mrs Taylor and Mrs Pearce.  Also, I would like to thank Mr Mitchell and Jack Barker and everyone involved with the Ten Tors event.

I have had the most amazing time at Ivybridge, I am sad to be leaving, but also am happy to look for all the new doors that are opening up for my future and you have played such a big part in that.  Thank you” Year 11 student


Here are a selection of the wonderful comments received by  the College on 'National Thank a Teacher’ Day -

“Thank you for constantly working hard given the circumstances and persevering to help us with our work.”  Jack, Year 8

“Thank you, Miss Sheridan, for always being kind and supportive, as well as an amazing teacher! You brought me from a 5 to an 8 in English and I couldn't have done it without you!”  Evie, Year 12

“Thank you, Mr Keogh! You've always been very helpful and supportive (and dumbed things down for me when I've needed it he he).” Thank you! Evie, Year 12

“I would like to thank all of the teachers at Ivybridge Community College you are all amazing and have help so many students achieve their dreams you are all excellent.  I would especially like to thank Miss Thorne, as she is amazing and helped me to find a love for English.  I would also like to thank Mrs Mandeville as she has helped me get through the past two years, which has been a challenge.  So thank you so much I can only dream of being as amazing as you all.”  Elizabeth, Year 11

“Both my daughter and I would like to say a massive thank you to Bev Tyson for keeping in touch with us via e-mails and a phone call  she's been so supportive with difficult times we're going through. She genuinely cares and is an amazing teacher.  She's a real credit to Ivybridge Community College.” Parent of Year 11 student

“I would like to thank my Spanish teacher, Mrs Murphy, as she is frequently keeping in contact with our class and offering support as well as extension activities for the main task set.  Muchas Gracias!”  Freya, Year 9

“Mr Jewell, thank you for being a really fun teacher.” Ned, Year 7

“To Ms Hewish, thank you so much for your support of my girls in Year 10 and Year 8.  Neither are in your tutor but they appear to have adopted you!  You give them both the space and support they need in a school like Ivybridge, and make school a space to grow. . . Thank you and keep up the good work!”  Parent of Year 8 and 10 students

“Dr Turpin is the best supportive Tutor ever!” Max, Year 7

“To Miss Pearce,  Thank you so much for teaching me French the past 3 years I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m missing our lessons  a lot.”  Shannon, Year 11

“Thank you to Mr Heath for being the best tutor you are lots of fun!” Oliver, Year 7

“To Miss Dent, thank you for all the things you have helped me with especially on Mondays and always being so supportive towards me.  The amount of times you have had to put up with me coming to you to tell you things you probably didn’t want to know you put up with it and I am forever grateful for you and appreciate you a lot!”  Daisy, Year 11   

"To Mrs Tyrrell, thank you for your support during the last year of school  especially when I was going through a rough time.  The amount you helped me and you listened to me when I needed you the most is incredible.  It really helped knowing that I had someone I can trust with such serious things I will forever be grateful for you!”  Daisy, Year 11

“All the teachers have done such an amazing job on supporting the whole school through these unprecedented times but I would like to say thank you to Mrs Hewish for always supporting me and the girls at lunch and giving us the time to talk to you about how we’re feeling as well as doing Friday lunchtime revision sessions.  Also to Miss Sheridan  for helping me find and develop my love for English lit and for always giving up your time to mark my book-long essays! Jasmine, Year 11