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Ivybridge Community College

Epic Fundraising Challenge for Charity

Ivybridge Community College Year 7 student, Grace, has every reason to be extremely proud of her dad, Steve, who has just completed an amazing challenge; that of climbing up and down his stairs to the height of Everest and down again, that’s nearly 3000 times in less than 27 hours.

Although he wasn’t exposed to the gruelling conditions normally seen on Everest, this challenge was still extremely tough.  

Steve said, “I decided that I wanted to raise some money for a charity and being an ex-serviceman myself I chose the ‘Help for Heroes’ Charity.”  His reason for choosing this charity was because of the amazing work that they do in rehabilitating injured servicemen and women back into military life.  They also help their families, and the individuals, if they cannot continue in the service.  Help for Heroes solely rely on public donations for everything they provide.      

Steve added, “I had heard of a people climbing the height of Everest using their staircase at home over the period of a week or so, but I wanted to try and do it in one go, without stopping.  I had trained for a few weeks for this but due to moving house, training took a back step for a few weeks.  I had to climb up and down my three metre staircase 2950 times (meaning I had reached the top and all the way back down again).  I completed this epic challenge in 26 hours and 49 minutes, only stopping every so often for food breaks etc.  I’m absolutely amazed I’ve done it and feel overwhelmed by all the support given to me throughout.”

Steve, exhausted after having finished his epic challenge!

Grace said, “I think it’s a great thing that my Dad has done for charity.  I know he was very determined to do it, although I didn’t think he would actually go through with it.  I know this charity is close to his heart and I’m incredibly proud of my dad for completing it.” 

To date Steve has raised over £1240. If you would like to donate to support him and his fantastic achievement please follow the link below.