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Celebrating Theme Park Transition Task Winners

Students in Year 7 celebrated the judging of the Theme Park Transition Task that they had completed prior to joining the College earlier last term.

Their task was to design a Theme Park and work out the cost of creating it.  The students were encouraged to incorporate features about the things they enjoy and their interests.  The design of the park had to include a mixture of 3 surface types and at least 2 different types of rides, with the overall cost of the area not exceeding £12,000.  A list of available items and their prices were given and they were also offered the option of adding an item that they would like that was not on the list, but they had to use their mathematical skills to come up with a reasonable cost estimate.

Alison Sarson, Lead Practitioner of Mathematics who helped to judge the entries, said, “Once again I was absolutely amazed at the high standard of work from our new Year 7 students. There were some extremely creative and artistic individuals and I loved looking through the Theme Park designs.”



The following students had really clear planning, costs and design:

  • Harry L – 7PAY – Harry’s Heroic Rides
  • Henry S – 7MAS -  Boatmasters
  • Thea W –  7PNE - Crazy Earth Theme Park
  • Benjamin B – 7LFA -  Go Wild

There were so many creative themes, and it was so hard to pick some favourites:  

  • Lauren D – 7 GSS -  Lauren’s World of Amazing Places
  • Emma J – 7PNE - Em’s Mystery Mania
  • Annie DC – 7BOW - Annie’s Space Jam
  • Seb K– 7BTN - Mini Beasts
  • Izzy H – 7BOW - Happiness Park
  • Charlotte W – 7SPN - Charlotte’s Wonderous Whizzing World of Fun and Food
  • Lukas M – 7FSR - Luke2 Mars Park
  • Kelsey L – 7PNE

There were also some very talented artists in Year 7:

  •  Ellen H – 7SPN - Ellen’s Park of Fun
  • Emelia E – 7BRY - Fantasy Towers
  • Harvey T –  7SHR - Swaggville
  • Ruby L – 7OHR - Ruby’s Thrilling Theme Park
  • Shay L – 7OHR
  • Lily S – 7PAY - Lily’s Land


The finalists:

  • Xander T – 7BRY - Adrenaline, Jungle Outdoors Theme Park
  • Ellen R – 7BOW - Lord Of the Rings Theme Park
  • Martha F – 7PNE - Martha’s Fun Park
  • Olly G – 7LFA - Olly’s Land of Adventure
  • Ellen K – 7BOW
  • Megan L – 7GSS - Megan’s Theme Park

Miss Sarson added, “Xander’s Adrenaline Jungle Outdoors Theme Park had a fantastic design and super workings with the use of ICT.  My favourite feature was his Mountain Bike Roller coaster.   Ellen R’s Theme Park would be brilliant for any Lord of the Rings fan, her Rivendell Log Flume, Shire Cinema and Middle Earth Roller coaster captured the world of Lord of the Rings and was really bright and colourful. 

Martha’s Fun Park had very clever details like her Planets on the Space Shuttle and her Burger and Chips Café.   Olly used clever shapes in his design like his Basketball Drop Tower and his Pancake and Waffle House.  Ellen K’s Theme Park was completely Football themed, and my favourite part was her Football Flume design and Rashford Roller coaster.  Megan’s Theme Park was so colourful and inviting, she also used creative shapes and I loved her Slime Maze!

The students received a little sweet treat and a postcard home congratulating them on their achievements.

Annabelle W was the overall winner, and she won 2 tickets to Splashdown.  She had fantastic workings, creative shapes and a colourful design.

The Mathematics Department loved her Mermaid themed Log Flume, Cat Carousel and Cupcake Café.   The Rainbow Roller coaster also stood out in Annabelle’s design."