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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

This is Cambridge Calling

The College would like to thank a member of their student alumni following a recent, return visit.

Former pupil and current Cambridge University student Thomas Chapman spent a session speaking with current Sixth Form Students about life in an Oxbridge University.

He outlined what it was like to study at the University and gave a frank account of the challenges involved, including high workloads and having classes on a Saturday!

However, he also explained the application process, including the ‘Pooling’ system, giving students an opportunity to study at a different College should they be unsuccessful in securing a place at their preferred choice and the flexibility with regards to course studies, and the opportunity to be awarded a Masters.

He also outlined the amazing facilities that the University offered including their 140 libraries and access to 8 million books (or every book that has been published since 1920) - Apparently, one of the libraries was designed by the same man who designed the Classic British Red Telephone box.

For those looking to complement their hard work and studies with a social life, Mr Chapman also mentioned that there were nearly 1000 student-run clubs and societies with the opportunity to start your own if you cannot find one in line with your interests.

He also mentioned the 93% Club (a special society made up of students from a state education background) as well as the Cambridge Union, which has heard from speakers ranging from Margaret Thatcher, to Michael van Gerwen, to Bill Gates.

Despite the high workload, Mr Chapman acknowledged the privilege of having the opportunity to study at Cambridge and walk in the footsteps of some amazing people who have contributed to wider society.

Giving their thoughts as to the benefits of studying at Cambridge, he also quoted the views of students who said amongst other things, ‘living independently, but with plenty of support’ and ‘being around like minded people’ even if he got annoyed by some who say that one of the Colleges ‘looks like Hogwarts’.


This session, followed two informative presentations by Mr Chapman and former student Jasmine Clarke towards the end of the previous academic year, where pupils had the opportunity to learn about life at an Oxbridge and Russell Group University.

Miss Clarke also spoke about the high timetable demands as well as having a ‘need for a drive’ in order to get the best out of studying but also of the social aspect and suggestions to students with regards to the application process.

Miss Clarke said that it was a pleasure to come back.


The College would like to thank Mr Chapman for sharing a very detailed information session with students and looks forward to arranging further, similar activities in the future.