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Year 10 Virtual Learning Menu

Dear Parent/Carer

We are looking forward to welcoming your child back to College for the phased and partial return of Year 10 students from Monday, 15 June.  Alongside these face to face sessions, we are further strengthening the virtual learning opportunities and communication with teachers of the GCSE Option Subjects.  This is designed to supplement the in-College provision being provided for English, Maths and Science as well as the Home Learning that is already in place.

Due to the broad range of option subjects we offer as a College, the timetable attached will inevitably result in some clashes, especially now students are attending College one day a week.  We also have a number of subjects who already run timetabled live lessons or Microsoft Teams Question & Answer sessions and we did not want to disrupt this successful routine.  Furthermore, staff are now in College more frequently so this creates some restrictions about when they can also offer virtual sessions.  Therefore if your son/daughter cannot access every ‘live’ opportunity that they wish too, all of these will be recorded to be viewed at a time convenient to them.  Additionally, subject areas may be able to offer a ‘catch up’ alternative session; students should contact their subject teacher by email for further information.

We hope your son/daughter will embrace these additional opportunities, alongside their usual Weekly Menu tasks and face to face provision.  You will see that we have placed more ‘live sessions’ on a Friday as this is the day that Year 10 students are not in College and we encourage students to use this day to focus on their Option subjects.

If you or your son/daughter have any further questions regarding the provision for
Year 10, please contact the support email address:

Yours faithfully

Kelly Olive

Associate Deputy Principal