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Ivybridge Community College

Reporting a Student Absence

In order to ensure the safety and whereabouts of our students, we require parents/carers to contact the Attendance Officer before 9.30am on the day of absence, if their son/daughter is going to be absent from College for either all, or part of the day.  The College has a 24 hour dedicated line, so messages can be left at any time, day or night.

Absence Line – 891777 (24hr answer machine)

When leaving a message, you will be asked to state:

  • Your name
  • The name of the student
  • Their Tutor Group (this is important as we often have two children with the same name)
  • A reason for the absence
  • An expected date of return, if possible

This should be followed up with a note in the Kite Booklet, for the Tutor to see on their return.

Automated Messaging System

The College operates an automated absence messaging system.  If for any reason, parents/carers do not call in, or email student absences, the automated system will continue to call/email contacts throughout the day, until the Attendance Officer is given the reason for absence.

Students leaving College during the day for appointments

If your son/daughter needs to leave College during the day for any reason, a message from parents/carers should be left on the absence line and a note must be written in the KIte Booklet.  The student must get this signed by their Tutor or Academic Performance Leader and show this at Student Reception when they sign out.


I’ve had a letter from my daughter’s dentist, which informs us of the next 6 appointments and I will need to collect her early from College on those days.  Do I have to ring 6 times?

No.  You can call the Absence Line on the day you receive the letter, and inform us of all the appointments.  On the day of the appointment write a note in the Kite Booklet for the Tutor to sign, so your daughter can show this to the Receptionist in order to sign out

My son wants to attend a family funeral and will be absent all day, how do I notify the College?

Leave a message on the Absence Line to explain this, and put a note in his Kite Booklet to show his Tutor on his return.

I work shifts and get home in the early hours.  How can I report an absence as I will be asleep during College hours?

The Absence Line is available to receive messages 24 hours a day.

I keep getting calls from an automated system telling me my daughter is absent from College and she went off on the bus this morning.  What should I do?

  1. If you answer the call from the automated service, it will ask you to confirm you are the student's contact by pressing ‘1’.  You will be given two further options, either press ‘1’ if you are aware of their absence or ‘2’ if you believe they should be in College.  You will then be transferred to the College to discuss your concerns.
  2. Call 01752 691000 to speak to a member of staff at the College.


My son has a GP appointment at 11.30am and needs to leave College at 11.00am. What should we do?

You can leave a message on the Absence Line 01752 891777, in advance, and put a note in your son’s Kite Booklet on the day of the appointment.  He needs to get the note signed by his Tutor, to enable the teacher to release him from the lesson, and allow him to sign out at Student Reception.


My children will be late to College as they have dental appointments.  What should I do?

Leave a message on the Absence Line 01752 891777 explaining they will be late to College, and will sign in at Student Reception after the appointment.  You can call once for all children, as long as you leave all of their names and Tutor Groups in the message.

For further information please read the Attendance Policy here.

Please find below a Student Absence Request form.  Please ask your child to hand the completed form to their Tutor.