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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Remote Learning (Out of College)

Remote Learning  

All students, in all Year Groups, will return to College full time from the beginning of the autumn term.  Returning to school is vital for children’s education and for their wellbeing.  Time out of school is detrimental for children’s cognitive and academic development, particularly for disadvantaged children.  This impact can affect both current levels of education and children’s future ability to learn, and therefore we need to ensure all students can return to College for the autumn term.

We have, however, been asked by the government to plan for the possibility of local restrictions and how we will ensure continuity of education in exceptional circumstances where there is some level of restriction applied to education or childcare in a local area.  The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has recently issued an overview of the tiers of intervention for educational settings when managing local outbreaks and implementing restrictions:

Tier 1: All pupils attend full time

Tier 2: Part time rota system in place

Tier 3: Most secondary school students studying from home

Tier 4: All schools back to full lockdown

We have adopted this advice and developed a comprehensive strategy to our approach to Remote Learning across a range of scenarios.  This includes the support of individual and small groups of students who may be self-isolating/shielding to ensure they can access high quality resources during their period of absence. 

As a College we will be using Microsoft Teams (in the long term) as our main platform for setting work, sharing resources, uploading completed work (where applicable), delivering pre-recorded and live lessons (where applicable), and hosting Q&A meetings with classes (where applicable).  We are confident that most of our students are already familiar with how to access and utilise this platform following College closure.  However, students and staff will be receiving further training on how to use Microsoft Teams as part of the Start of Term Induction programme.  We hope that the following image clearly outlines how the College, parents/carers and students will work together in partnership to ensure minimal disruption to the education of our young people during this time.  Further information in support of this approach will be released to parents in due course.