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Careers and Work Experience

'The Ivybridge Community College Careers Curriculum strives to provide all students with aspirational, achievable and current information, advice, guidance and experiences to allow students to make informed choices about their futures'. 

Careers education is about inspiration as much as advice.  All learners deserve the opportunity to see careers in action and to have hands-on experience in a work place to truly be enthused about their future.  It is essential at Ivybridge Community College that we provide inspiration for young people through real-life contact with the world of work so that when they come to make big decisions, they understand where different choices could take them in the future. 

We are constantly amazed by the high aspirations and work ethic of our students.  After the disruption of COVID-19 we are delighted to be able to offer students the opportunity to get into workplaces again through our Work Experience programme.

We have a plethora of options and packages, carefully curated to ensure students of all aspirations and disciplines have opportunities to visit and engage with workplaces that can help them shape their future.  It is our hope and ambition that every student at Ivybridge Community College embraces the Work Experience programme and uses it as a real opportunity to understand where their education can lead them. 

Careers education at Ivybridge Community College is led by Imogen Martin, Assistant Principal: Sixth Form and Careers.  Working alongside College Directors, the Sixth Form Team, the Director of Enrichment, mentors and advisors from outside the College we ensure that all students have access to quality information, opportunities and bespoke advice that is both unbiased and tailored to the individual needs of our students.  Thus ensuring that all our students at Ivybridge Community College are best prepared for their prosperous futures.

The College uses Unifrog online, “a bespoke one-stop-shop where students can explore their interests and then find and successfully apply for their best next step after school”.


Ivybridge Community College works in partnership with CSW Group to provide independent and impartial Careers Advice and Guidance for our students.  The College’s main link Careers Development Consultant is Mike Shail. 

Mike supports young people at the College to explore their next steps, potential career pathways and in supporting personal ambition and challenge.

A large aspect of CSW’s work with the College is through one-to-one Careers Advice interviews with students in Year 11.  CSW Group are also in attendance at events such as Sixth Form Open Evenings and GCSE results days.  

Throughout the year CSW Group can also provide assemblies and workshops on Apprenticeships and option choices to different Year Groups through the ASK programme and The ASK programme ( 

If any student requires an appointment they need to speak to their Tutor in the first instance.  

Management of provider access requests
Providers wishing to request access should contact:
Imogen Martin, Assistant Principal and Careers Lead via 

Some useful links can be found below 


Assistant Principal and Lead for Work Experience and Careers: Imogen Martin 

Key Stages 3 and 4 Careers: Matt Kibler 

Director of Enrichment and Sports Academy: Helen Reddy