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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Science Week

There are lots of activities to get involved in during Science Week!

Sign up for lunchtime activities in the Science Office ( Bonville Building ) Level 3..

Lunchtime Sessions/Activities

There are only 25 spaces for each activity.

Monday, 18 March – POPS AND BANGS in B2.01with Mr Jewell

                                 - Feeding Axolotls with Mr Lyall in D1.03

Tuesday, 19 March – Owl Pellets for YRs 7 – 9 with Mrs Allott in C2.04

                                  - Science Club for Year 7 with Mr Barry- Plasma B2.01

Wednesday, 20 March – Fish/ Squid dissection with Mrs Tyson and Mr Rainville

in D3.02

Thursday, 21 March – Plasma (YR8) with Mr Barry in D2.01

Friday, 22 March – Microscopes with Ms Wright in B2.02