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Ivybridge Community College

Enrichment Week 2018

**Enrichment Week for Year 7, 8 and  9**

A reminder to all Year 7, 8 and 9 Students to return the Enrichment Week forms to tutors by Monday, 18 June.


1.     What is Enrichment Week?

While a large proportion of Ivybridge Community College students’ time is spent on ensuring their academic success, we also believe in helping students develop their characters; find out more about their interests and passions; and invest in their social, moral and cultural life-skills.

The activities the College offers in Enrichment Week, including Sports, Arts, Music, community development and work experience, are perfectly placed to support this.  They can help improve students’ future employability, boost self-confidence, develop leadership skills, instil self-motivation, overcome fears and help them succeed in society.  They are also a fantastic way to increase students’ enjoyment of College life, creating an inclusive spirit and helping build life-long memories and friendships.

What happens?

During enrichment week the normal college timetable is collapsed and students are offered a range of alternative learning experiences and activities outside of the usual curriculum. Activities range from Creative Writing workshops, Football sessions, Cinema trips and Caving to Surfing, Cheerleading, Dance trips to London, and Outdoor Educational trips to the Ardeche.

2.     When is it?

Monday 2 July – Friday 6 July 2018

 3.     Overview of the Week

Students will receive an Enrichment Week booklet, which includes the activities/workshops available to them.  Each Year group will follow a different timetable.  The activities/workshops are either ‘on site’ or ‘off site’

 On-site activities will take place at the College and within College hours.  Some will involve a cost.  Consent Forms are not required.  Students can still access the College Canteen during break and lunch times.

 Off-site activities/workshops take place outside of the College. There will be a cost for each activity to include entrance fee and transport. All students will be required to hand in a consent form, bring a packed lunch and drinks. Students must prepare themselves for all weather conditions (additional clothing, waterproofs, sun cream, sun hats, and sun glasses).

Please see Enrichment Timetable below