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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

A Wonderful Example of Character Education

Ivybridge Community College Year 10 student, Owen Chapman, has certainly been making the very most of his time during lockdown, and for a very worthy cause too. 

Owen said, “I saw online that people were ‘3d printing’ mask ear savers for the NHS and other Key Workers. (An ear saver is a small adapter that improves the fit of masks and makes them more comfortable for long-term wear by removing pressure from behind the ears of the wearer).  Initially, I went to my dad and asked if we could help and contribute to help through these tough times.   We have currently produced around one thousand items, and we are producing probably around fifty to sixty a day.  My dad agrees that it is a fun and enjoyable project and it also feels great to help the frontline workers in this time desperation.

I have managed to fit this around my home learning because the prints take approximately thirty to forty minutes for each set, so I can check up on the printer and the quality of what is being produced and get ready to repeat the prints.  We are currently printing ten per print and to date we have donated to five hospitals around the country and also to local care homes.”

“I am filled with so much admiration for this practical support that Owen, along with his father, have done to support the NHS.  It is wonderful that he has helped to make the wearing of protective masks more comfortable for medical staff, who are trying to save lives.

Many of the character virtues we encourage our students to exhibit have been embodied by Owen, namely empathy, courage, ambition, respect and charity.  We are so proud of his achievements.”  

Gill Taylor,  Deputy Principal