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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Creative Writing Students are Published Poets

Ivybridge Community College students taking part in the Creative Writing lunchtime club entered the Young Writers Poetry Competition last term.

Entrants were asked to write an inspirational poem from another person’s perspective.

Cole Deves, together with five other Year 7 students, had his poem selected from over 11,000 entries nationwide to be published in a book, showcasing young adults' work, called ‘Through Their Eyes - Twisted Words.’  Cole said, "I'm thrilled that I have this chance to have my poem published.  I've always loved reading and I hope that comes across in my writing."

Miss Board, who is the Literacy Coordinator for the College, said, “The Creative Writing Club is held every Wednesday lunch time to give students an opportunity to enter competitions and to hopefully get their work published.  It’s a really fun session and the children love it.   I was over the moon when I found out that all six Year 7 students namely, Rosemary, Livy, Caitlin, Olivia, Evelyn and Cole were successful with getting their fantastic poetry work published.  Each and every student worked very hard, as well as having a lot of fun writing from another perspective in order to fill the competition’s criteria. Well done to you all, superstars!”

The book is scheduled for publication on 28 February.  The judge’s favourite five published poets will be announced soon.  Good luck to you all!


Play To Win, by Cole Deves

The manager’s words stuck in my head,

Play to win,

The cup was at stake…


United were in the finals and Barca challenged,

Our cup run could be over,

We destroyed the competition,

Bayern, Porto, Tottenham and Atletico,

But a real force faced us.


The manager encouraged and praised,

“The fans will be giving their all,

Let’s do exactly the same,”

He kept us on attack,

“Get the first goal or two,

Move the ball up the pitch,”

He glanced at me,

“Pass it to Marcus; he’ll do the rest.”


With exuberantly high hopes, we left,

The tunnel was dark,

Minds alight,

We ran out.


The crowd was roaring furiously,

Floodlights illuminating the pitch,

Adrenaline pumping,

Rain splattering down,

Grass sodden to the root.


Referee checking his watch,

Putting the ball in the middle,

I took our kick-off,

The ball is rolling.


Pogba looks for the pass,

He lays it off to the wing,

Mata sprinting rapidly with the ball,

I make my own assault into the box,

The cross sails in and I get my head to it,

Just flies over the crossbar.


Messi round one, round two,

Shoots from the edge of the box,

It goes passed the keeper and in,

Barca is roaring deafeningly.


Try two,

I dash past the defence,

The through ball is played,

Touch one, touch two, shoot,

Keeper watches it fly menacingly in,

We’re back in it!


Back on the ball,

Running to goal,

Keeper coming out,

Fake the shot and go around him,

Ball is placed in the net.


Whistle blows for full time,

We defeated our rivals,

United for the cup!