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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College achieves Eco-Schools Award

Ivybridge Community College’s Sustainability Group has been running for several years and has managed to support many positive changes both throughout the College and in the wider community.

The club has improved both the College’s recycling system and the biodiversity of the College grounds with a wildflower meadow and tree planting, and also supported community events such as the river clean.

Year 12 student, Ellie, writes, “We recently conducted an environmental review of the College and with the data collected we produced an action plan for continued change.  This year, our focus areas are energy, the marine environment and waste.  Being part of the group allows us to have the opportunity to discuss our ideas with teachers and staff and achieve action.  The group is led by students which gives us a voice for change.  As a result of our actions so far, we recently achieved our Eco-Schools Bronze Award, and are now working towards the Silver.”

Gill Taylor, Deputy Principal, congratulated the students on their fantastic achievements and said, “It is a fine example of students voice and leadership making a positive difference to our College and community.”

If you would like to help Ivybridge Community College to become more sustainable, or have an idea of how we can help in the local area then please contact

Mr Nick Paskin via the College on