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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Gymnastics Academy Amaze at Regional Schools Qualifiers

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One day, two gymnastics competitions, 273 miles and 128 gymnasts

When the organisers of the south west schools gymnastics events announced that they had put their acrobatics qualifier on the same day as the floor and vault qualifier, 90 miles apart, many schools would have opted to attend just one of the competitions.  But, with some clever planning, a team of great supporters, and a huge amount of enthusiasm, Ivybridge Gymnastics Academy brought home its biggest ever regional medal haul, including 22 south west titles.

Starting from Ivybridge Community College at 5am, some gymnasts went to Kingsley School near Bideford for the Floor and Vault Competition while others headed first for the Gryphon School in Dorset for Acro and Tumbling.  A quick warm-up, followed by strong competition performances, set Ivybridge Community College Academy athletes apart from the rest, with gymnasts winning individual, partnership and group medals.

“We didn’t think it would be possible when we found out that, for the first time in 20 years, they had doubled up on the competitions,” said Helen Reddy, Head of Performing Arts, who is in charge of the Gymnastics Academy.  “Ivybridge Community College is the only school in the south west region that enters both competitions, so the onus was on us to make it work, and that’s exactly what we did.

With so many exceptional performances, it’s hard to single out any one competitor, particularly as we won every category we entered in the floor and vault competition.  All I can say is I’m immensely proud of everyone involved, not only for their successes, but also for the way all of our students conducted themselves over the course of the 17 hour day. Every one of our 128 gymnasts, from those in the Primary Academy to experienced performers who are in their final schools’ competition season, were positive ambassadors for the College, demonstrating a strong competitive spirit, exemplary sportsmanship and good manners.”

Below is a summary of the results from the weekend:


Floor and Vault Competition in Bideford – Team results

1st - Under 11 Girls’ Team 

1st - Under 14 Mixed Team 

1st - Under 14 Girls’ Team 

1st - Under 14 Boys’ Team 

1st - Under 19 Mixed Team 

3rd - Under 19 Girls’ B Team 

1st - Under 19 Girls’ A Team

1st - Under 19 Boys’ Team 


Floor and Vault Competition in Bideford – Individual results 

Under 19 Boys

1st - Alfie Westerman

2nd - Reece Parkin 

3rd - Jon Oxton


Under 19 Girls 

3rd - Abi Sandford


Under 14 Girls

2nd - Miah Parnell 


Under 14 Boys 

1st - Danny White 


Acrobatic Gymnastics Competition in Sherborne

Under 11 Group 

1st – Stowford School


Under 14 Group 

1st – Ivybridge A

2nd – Ivybridge B


Under 19 Groups 

1st – Ivybridge A

2nd – Ivybridge C

3rd – Ivybridge B


Under 11 Girls Pair 

1st – Megan Wark and Amelia Lucas

3rd – Abbie Endean and Megan Sams


Under 11 Mixed Pair 

1st – Erin Tuckwell and Ollie Oman

2nd – Lucy Hulbert and James Hulbert

3rd – Will Trezise and Naomi Goshawk


Under 14 Girls Pair 

2nd Chloe Cox & Miah Parnell 

3rd Abi Sandford and Lovisa Street


Under 14 Mixed Pair

1st – Alfie Westerman & Abi Sandford

2nd - Danny White & Tara Green

3rd – Sonny Jarvis & Lucy Freeman


Under 14 Boys Pair 

1st - Alex Wilson & Danny White

2nd – Sonny Jarvis & Zax Jackson


Under 19 Girls Pairs 

1st - Jess Rouse & Lydia Dodds

2nd - Caitlin Barnes & Rachel Farrin

3rd – Faith Ball & Megan Wood


Under 19 Mixed Pairs

1st Reece Parkin & Jess Rouse


Under 19 Boys Pairs 

1st – Reece Parkin & Jon Oxton


Under 11 Girls Tumbling 

2md – Taliah Mann (Stowford)

3rd – Amelia Lucas (Stowford)


Under 14 Girls Tumbling 

1st Miah Parnell 

2nd Chloe Cox 


Under 14 Boys Tumbling

1st - Alfie Westerman 

3rd - Danny White 


Under 19 girls tumbling 

3rd - Jess Rouse 


Under 19 Boys Tumbling

1st - Reece Parkin