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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Celebrating World Book Day 2019

On Thursday, 7 March, Ivybridge Community College celebrated World Book Day.

This day is arguably one of the most anticipated days of a book lover’s life, and the College’s librarians are no exception.  World Book Day is like Christmas and they have been busy preparing for weeks.  The Learning Resources Centre has book tokens available now for students to collect.

World Book Day is a registered charity on a mission to give every young person a book of their own.  With the help of National Book Tokens Ltd they send around 15 million book tokens to children across the country.  Book tokens can be used to buy World Book Day books, or enable you to get £1 off books in bookstores. 

Students in Years 7 and 8 were invited to dress up as fictional characters, and what a sight they made.  There were (nearly) 101 Dalmatians, a whole burrow of bunny rabbits, a band of Burglar Bills, some very Hungry Caterpillars, wizards and witches, and plenty of David Walliams’ fanatics.       Mr Brown, Head of Year 7 and Mrs Setter , Assistant Head of Year 7, took to the stage as Bruce and Miss Trunchbull, re-enacting the infamous cake eating scene from Matilda in all its chocolaty glory.

This was swiftly followed by the shrill shrieks of the Queen of Hearts demanding heads and doing some very flamboyant flamingo croquet.

The Learning Resources Centre ran a photo competition encouraging staff and students alike to get ‘Caught Reading’ in a funny or creative place.  There were lots of students in weird and wonderful places, with cats or dogs, and even one driving a car.

Staff entries were just as exciting; Mr Barry was caught reading flying on a broom and on Mars (although we think there might be some sneaky Photoshop involved there).



At lunchtime students voted for their favourite staff ‘Caught Reading’ photo and what a surprise, Mr Mitchell won with a very explosive photo, for the third year running!





As part of the weeklong celebrations, the Learning Resources Centre hosted a ‘Big Booky Breakfast’ in partnership with Book Aid International; for every £2 raised BAI will send a new book to an underprivileged child in Africa.  Yet again our Student Librarians rose to the occasion and sold a huge amount of breakfast goodies (enough to satisfy even a Very Hungry Caterpillar’s appetite) and £70 was raised.

World Book Week was also used to kick start the Readathon – a sponsored read that helps raise money for children’s hospitals.  Students pick their own reading targets and have the month of March to raise money and meet their reading goal.  Much more fun than a sponsored run!