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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Children in Need wholeheartedly supported by Students and Staff

On Friday, 16 November, Ivybridge Community College joined in the greatly anticipated numerous fundraising events taking place for Children In Need. 

Year 8, led by the enthusiastic Mr Reynolds, ran an organised Car Washing Service with many brave staff agreeing to pay for their cars to be washed.  Lots of fun and laughter were to be heard with many students ending up as wet as some of the vehicles!







Millie Snodin, in Year 12, organised a very successful Staff v Student Netball match. Staff, especially the PE Department, took this challenge very seriously, but not as seriously as Mr Hitt and his fancy dress outfit.

The Dining Hall saw a more relaxed atmosphere where staff had the pleasure of listening to students entertaining them with various musical performances along with Year 7 students acting as waiters and waitresses, serving food and pouring drinks.  







Year 9 successfully ran a cake sale outside the Learning Resources Centre, but such was their popularity that they ran out of chocolate cupcakes within 15 minutes, but managed to raise £78 - what an achievement.

One of the main highlights of the day was the messy, but rather entertaining, Staff v Biscuits Competition. 9 members of staff sat anxiously waiting to see what had to be eaten within 4 minutes.  Easily consumed by the triumphant Mrs Wilson, Head of Science, were 16 crackers, 7 custard creams and 4 chocolate biscuits, with the other staff looking in disbelief and amazement.







Ivybridge Community College staff and students showed that fundraising is wholeheartedly supported at the College by raising an amazing £641.30, and our Charity leaders and representatives are busily organising our next event.