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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Year 7 Paignton Zoo Science Trip

Over 400 Year 7 students enjoyed a day at Paignton Zoo.  Here's what they thought ...

The Zoo was a fun day out looking at different animals and how they live.  There was an interesting talk that gave us plenty of information to put in our booklet.  It was very exciting and you got to plan your day and go around in groups on your own.  A great school trip and full of exciting animals and fun creatures.  Topped off with an ice cream!  I loved it!

Eliza Coulson  07TBL

I enjoyed the trip a lot and saw lots of animals.  I saw a crocodile and a gecko.  I enjoyed the Ark and filled out the notebook.  But I did not enjoy THE SEAGULLS!

Rafi Khan  07CON

When we went to Paignton Zoo as soon as we got off the coaches we went straight to Lemur Bridge and Mr Hargreaves made us walk like penguins!  The bridge was slippery but we all made it across – I think!  I really liked how were allowed to walk around by ourselves as it gave us freedom so we could enjoy ourselves!

Sophie Greenaway  07CON