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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ten Tors Expedition 2016

The annual Ten Tors expedition took place on Friday, 6 to Sunday, 8 May.

Ivybridge Community College entered six teams, these included:-

Ivybridge Community College

  •    35a miles
  •    35b miles
  •    45 miles

In addition, there are:-

The Erme and Yealm Valley Hillwalking Club

  •    35a miles
  •    35b miles
  •    45 miles

This year the College entered a team taking part in the pilot of the Fresh Tracks event. 

All the students involved were as follows:-

  • Felix Andrade-May     
  • Lewis Aubert
  • Henry Christell           
  • Archie Hallett
  • Oliver Smith              
  • Harvey Whalley
  • Harrison Wilson         
  • Maya Harvey
  • Tom Reeves             
  • Abi Jones
  • Freya Butler              
  • Hannah Carroll
  • Tom Crowle              
  • Matt Keeble
  • Archie McWhinnie     
  • Adam Oxton
  • Edward Petitt            
  • Willow Bassett
  • Olivia Wiseman         
  • Rosie Preece
  • Lucy Tilbury
  • Luke Ash
  • Max Bell
  • Sam Dove
  • Jack O’Connell
  • Emma Smith
  • Thomas Willcocks
  • Joanna Woodlock
  • Chloe Widdecombe
  • Holly Bassett
  • Joe Battershill
  • Alex Callcut
  • Josh Cronin
  • Eleanor Johnson
  • Noah McDermott
  • Matthew Norton
  • Alex Parr
  • Emma Spencer
  • Liam Walton
  • Lucy Moore
  • Eve Slater
  • Rosie Tuckley   

The teams set off from Okehampton Army Camp at 7am on Saturday morning and experienced quite good conditions over the weekend. Mostly clear and dry, there was a strong wind, which made it feel a bit cooler in the warm sun.

The first team back was the Erme and Yealm 45 mile team, arriving just after 10am. They were followed quite quickly by the Erme and Yealm 35a and the Ivybridge 35a teams. After a short break, the Ivybridge Community College 35b and Erme and Yealm 35b teams arrived. The Ivybridge Community College 45 mile team arrived back just before 4pm. One

student was unfortunately pulled out of the expedition by a medic on a check point, despite their protests.

A group of six additional students assisted the Army at Okehampton over the weekend and were a credit to the College.

In addition to the six teams taking part in the main event, a team of six students also completed the Fresh Tracks Challenge. Completing a route of 10 miles on the Saturday, each team also had to lead a Dartmoor pony around their route. This was a new event this year and the College students were one of only three teams invited to take part.

Jack Barker, who has assisted with the training at Ivybridge Community College and formed the Erme and Yealm Valley Hillwalking Club, was recognised by the event organisers, for 43 years of voluntary service, at a ceremony held at the base camp, on the Saturday evening.”