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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

The Big Gig

Ivybridge Community College Year 13 students studying RSL Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma for Music Practitioners (Performance Pathway) were tasked with putting together a performance to a brief of ‘Reconciliation’ as part of their External Core Unit, MUSPRA 387E: Rehearsal Skills and Live Music Performance.

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The cohort consisting of talented vocalists have planned and rehearsed the entire event in just twelve weeks, resulting in a phenomenal, professional and high-quality live music event on Friday 15 March 2024. 

The girls had performed their final sets to an audience demonstrating courage, authenticity, ambition, versatility and true musicianship as live performers! 

The performances included a mixture of solos and band performances, and highlighted a wide range of musical styles extending from -

R and B

Soft Rock

Indie Rock


Spanish Ballad


 - featuring accompaniments on piano by Mrs Stephenson, bass guitar by Felix Ayson and drums by Chris Ballard

The students were very pleased to have had this opportunity to perform at the College, with Megan commenting, “It was a great fun.  

"I have learned a lot from learning how to construct a set list and deal with obstacles, such as losing my voice.”

Liv has also commented on the opportunity to improve her band leadership skills and enjoyed being able to incorporate this skill into her finale I’ll Always Remember Us This Way.

Head of Music Katya Padlyevs’Ka praised the performers who participated: “The students have worked extremely hard to put on such an incredible live music performance, showing real craftmanship and musicianship. 

"It was done with accuracy, artistic flair and to a professional standard, setting themselves up for a career in Music.

"This was a breath-taking ‘graduation’ performance highlighting their performance skills and stage presence. 

"The audience were hypnotised.

"Really well done!”

An audience member, vocalist and current Year 11 GCSE Music student, Kaydon Bullock praised the “unique voices” and levels of “talent” the performers showcased in this event, and he is now hoping to take the course in the following September.


The college would also like to thank students Felix Ayson and Chris Ballard for their help with backing music including Bass Guitar and Drums during the evening.

We would also like to congratulate Felix and Chris, along with their bandmate River Cole, who recently rocked the competition and won the opening heat of the ‘Metal to the Masses’ rock band competition.

Despite opening the event and also being up against a field of more experienced and established acts, the trio put in a memorable performance, which gave them a first place finish and sent them straight through to the final.

It was a tremendous achievement to put together an act that is still remembered after all the other performers have played, and we wish Bloodhound the very best of luck for their future shows and appearances.