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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Climbing the Career Ladder

Since the start of September we have been delighted to welcome representatives from a variety of sectors who have been giving students practical advice for climbing the Career Ladder.

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The College would like to thank Kate from Plymouth University of the Arts, who gave an Inspirational talk to students about careers in the Creative sector, in the latest in a series of guest speakers.

Since the start of September we have been delighted to welcome representatives from a variety of sectors including:

The Armed Forces









who gave crucial advice on securing a career in their individual Industries.

We would like to thank Paul (from Hinkley Point C), whom as part of Green Careers week, gave an insight into the scale and logistics of what is currently the largest construction project in the UK and the wealth of employment and training opportunities available.

Following their careers session to mark National Manufacturing Day, we would also like to thank Kawasaki PM, who invited members of the Girls in STEM electric car racing team to their Plymouth Headquarters for an engineering workshop.

We have also been joined by a team from Wolferstans who gave students an insight into roles and Career paths in the legal sector, language technology firm Sonako UK who outlined the career benefits of second language skills, Building Plymouth who gave careers advice in local Construction, as well as the RAF.


Last but not least, we were delighted to announce our new School Employee Partnership with Roborough engineering firm Plessey, whom in our brief partnership, have already delivered careers sessions and workshops to students, will be guests at forthcoming careers events and have also donated two 3D printers to our Design and Technology team




The College Careers Curriculum strives to provide all students with aspirational, achievable and current information, advice, guidance and experiences to allow students to make informed choices about their futures and we look forward to organising more related events of this kind very soon.

For more information on any of our previous careers events, please click here to view our Careers Events and News page.

Next up, we are looking forward to welcoming parents and students to our Careers Fair at the start of March.