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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College Re-awarded World Class Schools Quality Mark

Ivybridge Community College is extremely proud to announce it has been re-awarded the prestigious World Class Schools Quality Mark accreditation.

The only school in Devon to be once again awarded the Quality Mark, the College is honoured to be joining a select few, with only 120 accredited World Class schools across the UK.

Although the award highlights Ivybridge Community College as an outstanding school, it more importantly showcases the College as one that produces truly world-class students, an accolade we are very gratified to receive. 

World Class Schools Quality Mark is an education charity whose mission is to level up opportunities, so that every student can develop World Class characteristics both in and out of the classroom, regardless of their circumstances or background, to help them achieve their potential.

The premise is that if the school is truly World Class, then its students should be able to demonstrate this in whatever context they find themselves. The College therefore passed a rigorous student-led assessment process to prove they had consistently maintained a World Class standard of education since their last accreditation assessment two years ago.

On Wednesday, 6 July 2022, students completed a challenging two-part assessment process, the first part of which involved students participating in a live assessment centre, working in teams to create a sensory garden. For the second part of the assessment process, students used the WCSQM app to demonstrate evidence of their World Class characteristics.

Ivybridge Community College students proved truly world-class on the day, as they also won the 2022 Assessment Centre Team of the Day. The re-accreditation also means the College becomes just one of 27 secondary schools and 3 primary schools to be re-awarded the Quality Mark in 2022.