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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

World Class Schools Reaccreditation Project Assessment

Ivybridge Community College students were invited to join with students from two other schools across the country in a joint project as part of the College’s World Class Schools Quality Mark reaccreditation process.

The students, namely, Millie, James and Martha in Year 12, and Ciaran, James and Alice in Year 11, were given two weeks to prepare the project, which was to create innovative, attractive and environmentally friendly outdoor and indoor spaces, incorporating the Houlton values.

On Thursday, 17 February they travelled to Houlton School, in Rugby, where they met together as a team to complete their project of a display mural to show the values of their hosts, Houlton School.  The students will find out the results of their project during April.  This challenging real-life project gave students a unique opportunity to not only develop and demonstrate their World Class characteristics, but to enjoy a much-needed return to the social development, work experience and collaboration opportunities students have missed out on over the past two years.

Ivybridge Community College students with Miranda Perry, WCSQM Director.

Miranda Perry, WCSQM Director, once again welcomed the Ivybridge Community College students, “We have a saying at World Class Schools, when Ivybridge Community College arrives, we know everything is going to be alright!”

Charlotte Hanton, Assistant Principal, said “We are so proud of how our students conducted themselves so considerately and professionally throughout the project. We were delighted to have such glowing feedback from teachers at Houlton School, who were highly impressed by how supportive our students were with the younger students.  It has been an exciting and exhausting two weeks for our World Class team, and we look forward to hearing the results next month.”

"It was a privilege to work with my fellow students here at Ivybridge Community College for the World Class Schools day in Rugby.  Not only did I meet like-minded individuals who are driven and have resilience, but I was also able to get a taste of the opportunities ahead of me due to my efforts. Overall, the World Class Schools day helped me realise my potential and has given me confidence for any future endeavours that I pursue."  Millie, Year 12.

Year 11 student, Alice added, “It was an amazing experience and I’m very glad I had the opportunity to go and work with lots of new people.”