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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Drama Workshop Ignites Imagination​​​​​​​

On Monday, 14 March, the Drama Department at Ivybridge Community College invited practitioners from MED Theatre, Moretonhampstead, to deliver a devising workshop exclusively to Year 8 students. 

This workshop was designed to expand the students’ creative skills and practical approaches to dramatic collaboration, giving them an experience of focused learning in Drama that is exciting, engaging and enriching. 


Mathilda Langdon, teacher of Drama, said, “It was fantastic to have local practitioners bringing the magic of Dartmoor and local legends into the Drama space.  Students came alive listening to a moorland ghost story and recreating the investigation into mysterious murders.  I wasn’t sure if we had a room full of talented future actors or the makings of scrupulous detectives!”

Following the workshop students commented, “It was a lovely experience to work as a group while using stimuli and learning new skills.” “I really valued the creative independence we were given and how in the session we weren't told exactly what to do so we could use our imagination in responding to the poem stimulus.”


The practitioners who delivered the workshop commented that the Year 8 students were, “A fabulous group of students to work with!” “For us, it was really interesting to use material we have developed in previous projects at MED, enabling new and fresh creative responses to them.”