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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Students Get Creative with Online Music Workshops

Ivybridge Community College Year 13 RSL Music students were given the task, as part of one of their course assignments, of planning and running a music-making workshop of their choice.

In their initial planning stages, they had hoped to run their workshops face-to-face with younger students in the College.  However, as Covid -19 restrictions continued they had to adapt their plans to run these workshops virtually via Teams instead.  This was particularly challenging as the time delay over Teams meant that it was not possible for musicians to perform together in time.

Students led a variety of workshops, including Dani, who led a Piano Interpretation Workshop.  Dani explained, “Having the opportunity to teach the instrument you have practised for years was both rewarding and insightful.  Understanding your own progress and changing perspectives on how to approach and communicate music efficiently to others was invaluable and enjoyable.”  Her tutees wholeheartedly agree, with post-workshop feedback comments such as, “it was really great for me to learn something completely different and Dani was really enthusiastic about improvisation and why it can be such a beneficial skill for a musician to have.” As well as, “I am a lot more confident with this as the workshop helped me learn that music can be played in many different ways and there is no ‘right way’ of doing it.”

Milly’s Beginner’s Guitar Workshop “allowed us to put knowledge of our instruments into practice by teaching, which was something new.  Having to adapt to doing an online workshop, after hoping we could do it in person, was difficult, however it was so valuable to learn to adapt to the circumstance and the workshops ended up being an enjoyable learning experience.”  

Whilst Phil commented that, “The workshops were a productive and enjoyable insight into music tutoring”, following his 'Introduction to Jazz Drumming' Workshop.

Grace and Tilly ran a Musical Theatre Workshop, and Grace said, “Our Musical Theatre Workshop was enjoyable and enabled us to work alongside JMTG students working on breathing, vocal and performance techniques.  It was lovely to see the student’s confidence improving and experimenting with their new skills.”

Jenny Hardy, Music teacher at the College said, “I was very proud of how well the students approached and adapted to these challenges. With careful planning and trialling of ideas, they all went on to lead successful workshops that still had practical music making as their focus.  All of the workshops were greatly enjoyed by their participants from the younger years in the College.”