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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Free online Level 2 Accredited Courses available to Parents and Carers

Due to Government Funding in the Adult Education Budget, The Aim Group has  offered Ivybridge Community College several Free online Level 2 Accredited  Courses which are available to parents and carers to help better understand some key issues around young people's mental health and wellbeing. 

Here's some of our most popular subjects available: 

  • Children and Young Peoples Mental Health (Understand factors which may affect Young Peoples mental health, the impact that they have and how to support them with these issues)
  • Understanding Autism (learn how individuals process sensory information, understand characteristics, conditions, and how speech, language and communication differ in people with Autism)
  • Understanding Behaviour That Challenges in Children (supporting positive behaviour, effective communication and how to manage challenging behaviour)
  • Bullying in Children and Young People (develop your understanding of bullying, including how to recognise that bullying is taking place and how to take action to stop it)
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability (a detailed understanding of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, including equality and diversity in the context of SEND)


On average the courses can take between 20-40 hours to complete (dependent on everyone's learning ability) within in a 6-week window and are completed on a laptop or computer at the learner's home.  No examinations or end point assessments are involved, the courses are purely Q&A based and are available to you 24/7.  You can do as many as you like, however you can just do one at a time. 

 The only criteria the learner must meet to be eligible, is the following -      

  • Aged 19 or over on or before August 31  2020    
  • Have lived in the UK/EU for 3+ years    
  • Not already on a Government funded course (Apprenticeship for example)    

The course is completely free, but the learning provider reserves the right to charge a drop out fee in the event a learner enrols but then drops out without providing a reason (please note this is down to the individual and NOT the school - this will be highlighted when I call them once registered).  That said, the City of Bristol College will grant extensions if the learner has a reason as to why they won't be able to complete it within the 6 weeks. 

Please note: the City of Bristol College request any learners accessing a fully funded Level Two will be required to complete a simple BKSB around English, Mathematics, and ICT (this is estimated to take 45 mins)


If you are interested in undertaking one of these Free Online courses, then please complete the following link asap.  This will then allow myself to contact you and send over the relevant enrolment details and of course, answer any questions you have.

Ivybridge Community College - Register your interest here

We need to have heard back from you by Sunday, 25 July to ensure we get you set up and enrolled on your chosen course

Any questions you may have will be in touch once you are registered to walk you through everything and make sure you are happy.

Kind regards,

Christopher Greenfield

Qualification Executive | The AIM Group