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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

A Piece of Pi

Could you remember and recite this number within just two minutes?

No students were left eating humble pie after their impressive performances in a recent competition.

Along with a creative competition to mark the birthday of Albert Einstein, some of the College’s fearless mathematicians were challenged to remember as may digits of the irrational number equal to Pi within two minutes. 

Currently Pi can be measured up to 31 trillion digits!

There were some very valiant attempts, with students employing a variety of strategies including singing and inviting friends in for moral support.

Stand out efforts were made by Leonor Lopez Nieto, Ashton Stewart, Evelyn Glassock and Lucy Barham, with all four contestants reciting 100 digits, in many cases with a minute or 90 seconds to spare.

Despite a tricky start, Lucy Barham persevered and was the eventual winner with a score of 102 on her third attempt (within the two minutes).

Lucy will be presented with a small prize and the College would like to congratulate her on her victory.