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New Student Assessment Guide

In 2015 the government removed National Curriculum assessment ‘levels’ from primary and secondary schools.  As there is no longer a national system of levels, this gives Ivybridge the freedom to introduce its own assessment system.

Also, starting in 2017, the government has introduced new, tougher GCSEs.  The new GCSEs will be graded on a scale from 9-1: Grade 9 being the highest, Grade 1 being the lowest. This is the same for all schools in the country.

Download the guide here

So, how will this happen 

The College will assess each student at four points through the year and report back to parents

  • in November, January, April and June.
  • Information will be provided on two areas: Effort and Progress.

Effort and Progress  

All students are awarded an Effort Grade on a scale of 1-4 for each subject at every assessment point.  Students are awarded the Effort Grade which best describes their characteristics as a learner.

Progress information is presented differently at each Key Stage.

  • Key Stage 3 (Years 7 & 8) Flight Paths based upon their attainment in Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 4 (Year 9 onwards) Students are working towards their GCSEs and are graded using the new Number system (9-1)


Progress at Key Stage 3

Note: The current Year 8 students are NOT on a Flight Path model but will remain on the same system they had in Year 7, that is, they are awarded a National Curriculum level which indicates the level that they are currently working at.  Each level is subdivided into 3, for example 5a, 5b, 5c with 5a being the highest.  Estimated sub-levels for each student are also given to indicate and measure their progress relative to their starting point.  These Estimates are based upon Key Stage 2 data.


Progress at Key Stage 4 



Key Stage 5 

Students in Year 12 and 13 are working toward their Level 3 qualifications.

Grades issued are a Prediction of what what we think they can achieve at the end of Year 12 or 13 as appropriate if they continue to engage well in their learning and make expected progress.  Each student will also have a Estimated Grade for each subject which their Professional Fine Grade Prediction can be compared against.

In addition, Year 12 and 13 are given an attendance grade from 1 - 4.

1 Excellent attendance, over 95%.

2 Very good to good attendance, over 90%.

3 Some concern about attendance, even though the absence has been authorised.

4 Poor attendance which is causing concern.

 Assessing Your Child’s Progress - Winter 2016 -