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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Primary Sports Academy

Primary Movement and Sport Skills Programme

The College provides many opportunities for students to develop their sporting abilities and healthy lifestyle choices.  The Strength and Conditioning programme provides sessions for all abilities from Year 3 to Year 6.

Ivybridge Strength and Conditioning Details

The Ivybridge Strength and Conditioning programme is led by Mr Andy Taylor with coaches leading  individual groups.

Training Days: Monday and Wednesday 4 - 5pm.

Venue: Meet and collect at Community Sport Reception at Ivybridge Community College

Cost: £40 per half term

Aims of the Programme

We aim for all children to have the opportunity to work towards learning new skills, socialise with other children and receive feedback on their development, compete against themselves and others.

New Starters

If you would like your child to be a part of the exciting Primary Movement and Sport Skills Programme for September 2017 please email Andy Taylor to find out if there is a space.  Please email your child’s name and age.  If a place is available on the programme you will be asked to complete the attached consent form and return to the address below with the programme fees.

Programme Fees

The programme fees must be paid for per half term, in advance at the start of term or on the first session of term.

New Starters

Will have one trial session at a cost of £6.  Payment is then required in full for the rest of the term.

Dates 2017/18

Term Times Term 1

Term Times Term 2

Term Times Term 3

11 and 13 September

30  October and 1 November

8 and 10 January

18 and 20 September

6 and 8 November

15 and 17 January

25 and 27 September

13 and 15 November

22 and 24 January

2 and 4 October

20 and 22 November

29 and 31January

9 and 11 October

27 and 29 November

5 and 7 February

16 and 18 October

4 and 6 December



11 and 13 December


Term Times Term 4

Term Times Term 5

Term Times Term 6

19 and 21 February

16 and 18 April

4 and 6June

26 and 28 February

23 and 25 April

11 and 13 June

5 and 7 March

30 April and 2 May

18 and 20 June

12 and 14 March

9 May

25 and 27 June

19 and 21 March

14 and 16 May

2 and 4 July

26 and 28 March

21 and 23 May

9 and 11 July



16 and 18 July


Pay per term

The payment can be made in advance of the term or be paid on the first training session of each term. The payment must be made in full for each term. Late payments will not be accepted. Children will not be allowed to train if fees have not been paid for in advance. Payment will not be accepted per session. Payments are non-refundable if children drop out of the Programme during the term.

Pay for the year

You can pay for the whole year if your child is fully committed and dedicated to the programme.

All payments can be made in cash or cheques (made payable to Ivybridge Community College)

There will be a waiting list for students if numbers become too large. We will always try to accommodate group sizes with more coaches.

There will be a sign-in desk outside the community sport reception at the start of every term in order for payments to be made. Please make every effort to send payment in the post in advance of the term.


Please complete a Consent Form and pay the training fees either in advance of
September by post or return on the first training session of the year
(Monday, 11 September or Wednesday, 13 September 2017).

Programme Contact and Communication

If you would like to have further information or have any questions or concerns please contact Mr Taylor

Mr Andy Taylor

Tel: 07855386634 (Text is preferred)


Address: Ivybridge Primary Movement & Sport Skills, Mr Andy Taylor, Ivybridge Community College, Harford Road, Ivybridge, PL21 0JA

Andy Taylor ASCC Strength & Conditioning Coach

Director of Athletic Development Ivybridge Community College