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Performing Arts Show

Ivybridge Community College Performing Arts Show, 2016 – ‘DREAM!’

We are pleased to announce that this years Performing Arts Show will be called ‘DREAM! and run from Wednesday, 7 December, until Saturday, 10 December 2016. 

Please find the official letter at the bottom of this page 

Our 2015 show ‘Once Upon a Time’ was a huge success; therefore the show will be running for four nights (starting each night at 7.00pm), one daytime show (Saturday matinee starting at 2.00pm) and one daytime performance for primary pupils and selected Year 7 students (on the Thursday, starting at 1.30pm). 

The show will take place in the Sports Hall with an audience capacity of 375 every night.  Please see below an outline for the show week.  All students are expected to perform in all the shows. Please note all students will receive a second letter to confirm December rehearsals and costume. 

 The Show Week Time Table: Monday, 7 December – Saturday, 10 December 2016 

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Information on the Show Week

The show week (outlined above) involves a huge commitment for you and your child.  Please find a list of important tips for you and your child to follow ensuring the week is effectively run:

  • Students must write dates in their planner of rehearsal and the performance times
  • Students are allowed to wear sport/leisure type clothing Monday 5, 6 and 7 December into College
  • College uniform must be worn Thursday 8 December and Friday 9 December of the show week UNLESS students are performing in primary and university shows.  If students are performing or rehearsing sports clothing is to be worn
  • Students are required to attend lessons when they are not performing and rehearsing
  • Students will break at normal times at break and lunch times on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the rehearsals
  • Students performing on Thursday (Primary Show) during the day will require a packed lunch as performances are through the College lunchtime
  • Those students requiring free school meals for Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 December must inform Mrs Reddy before Thursday 1 December in order to prepare the kitchen. A packed lunch will be prepared for students. Students must collect the meal during break time from Mrs Reddy
  • All students are responsible for their own clothing and costume throughout the show
  • Students must arrive on time for all rehearsals and performances
  • Dropping off and collecting students after shows – please park cars in the main College car park.  Meeting point for parents will be Peverall Hall for all students and not inside the Sports Hall after the show
  • Students will be required to bring their own food and drink for all the shows and rehearsals, no students will be allowed to leave the College to buy food from the shops unless a note has been written in the planner giving permission by parents. This note must be shown to Mr Ryrie or Mrs Reddy
  • There will be a cast meeting prior to show, this is to ensure all students are prepared for their performances
  • There will be a cast meeting post show, this is to ensure all students have collected their belongings and receive feedback. Students will meet in the Sports Hall as all the changing rooms must be cleared before a safe departure 
  • All students must speak with their curriculum teachers prior to the Performing Arts Show.  Every effort must be made to catch up with work that is missed due to rehearsals and shows
  • A second letter will be provided to students nearer to the show confirming further rehearsal times and final information for the show.

For the show to be a success this year, I am providing extra rehearsals outside College hours in addition to the rehearsals the students are already attending.  This is to fully prepare the gymnasts and dancers for the event.  

The cast this year consists of over 300 students, therefore it is very important that the following information is communicated to you.  It is essential that students attend the sessions outlined.  In some circumstances I am aware that for some students the below dates may be a problem.  Please speak directly to the teacher in charge of the performance piece to ensure they are aware of rehearsals being missed.

Weekend Gym and Dance Show Rehearsal Times

Rehearsals will take place in the gymnasium, dining hall and sports hall.  Students are required to enter the College via the dining hall car park or main car park.  These sessions are in addition to the normal lunch and after College sessions. 

Show Additional Rehearsals Dates 


Costume and Finale T-Shirts for Sale

It is important that all students are aware of their costume and requirements for make-up and hair styles for the performances they are in.  All students will be informed in advance of the show by their individual Teacher. 

There is a Performing Arts Show t-shirt available for all members of the cast.  The shirts must be worn for the finale.  The cost of the t-shirt is £10.  The t-shirt will have the logo of the show and can be ordered from Mrs Reddy any breaktime from the Gymnasium.  The t-shirts come in all sizes; assistance will be given when ordering a t-shirt. Please make payments as soon as possible!  T-shirts will be given to all the students prior to the show.

The cost of costumes for the performance is heavily subsidised by the College. However, if your child requires a costume for their performance, we require a contribution towards the cost of this. The costs are as follows:

Students in 1 performance = £8

Students in 2 performances = £10

Students in 3 or more performances = £12

Please make cheques payable to Ivybridge Community College.  All costume will be kept in College unless they are required to be washed inbetween shows.  All students will be given their costume in a named bag.  All costume must be cared for and kept neat and tidy.

Tickets On Sale

I do hope that you will come and watch your son/daughter perform; tickets will be on sale at Student Reception from Friday, 4 November from 11.10am onwards - Adults £10 and Concessions £8.  This year there will only be 375 seats available per night. Your ticket will be for an allocated seat. All seats will be numbered to prevent having to queue and seats being reserved.  Unfortunately, we are unable to refund or exchange any tickets.  It is essential to bring your tickets on the night.  Please get in quickly to buy the tickets you require!  Please do contact the College Reception if your tickets are unwanted. 

Other Info 

Christmas Market

Prior to the show, there will be a Mini Christmas Market held in Peverall Hall with items of clothing, cakes and Christmas decorations for sale.  If you are interested in selling items at our Christmas Market throughout the week from Wednesday, 7 to Saturday, 10 December (you can do 1, 2, 3 or 4 evenings!).  Please contact me at the College or complete the form below. We are also creating Christmas hampers, so please do bring in items for the food and drink hampers! Tickets will be on sale on the nights of the shows.


If any parent/carer has contacts or details of sponsorship, then please do contact me at the College.  All sponsorship will go back into the development of Performing Arts at the College.  If you are able to contribute in any way to the Performing Arts Show, advertisement of your company can go into the programme and your company will be advertised on the 13ft screen on the wall. 

Hosting Students

This year we have 30 German students visiting the College for the duration of the show to perform. If you are interested in hosting students then please do inform me through your child.  Further information will then be passed to you and contact will be made.  The dates are .

Helping with Costume

There are many items of costume to be made for the show, and I would appreciate all the parental support we can get.  The weekend dates we are holding costume-making sessions are on the form below. Please note if you are able to make a few hours on any of the dates it would be greatly appreciated. Please make a note if you are able to take costume home to sew! Please complete the return slip.

Helping during the show week

We are looking for parents to help throughout the show week!  If you would like to assist with costume changes, makeup and hair styles please let me know!  Please see the return slip for details.  Please inform me of the dates you are available. 

Concerns or Questions

If there are any problems then do please contact me at the College by email  A further letter will be given to students to remind them of the costume requirements and confirmed programme for the weekend rehearsals in December. Please complete the return slip and hand in an envelope to me, any break time, in the Gymnasium leading up to the show.

Thank you for all your support, I hope ‘Dream is a huge success.  I wish your son/daughter the best of luck for the show.  May I take this opportunity to congratulate your child on performing in this year’s Performing Arts Show, and to thank you for your support.