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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Gymnastics Team Kit  ​​​​​​​

Students have the opportunity to purchase gymnastics kit for their training and competitions.  Two kits are available

  1. Competition Attire (Black and Green, O’Neils and Blue Leotards, A Star)
  2. Ivybridge Community College Academy Attire (Blue Nike Kit)


Students are not to wear the competition attire into PE lessons, but the blue Nike kit is allowed to be worn in PE lessons. 

A completed clothing order form will be required to place an order for both academy kits.  If gymnasts are unsure on clothing sizes, please leave the form blank and every effort will be made to ensure the right size is ordered.  Please hand all forms and payment in an envelope to Mrs Reddy.

Training Kit for Sessions

          Girls – Any leotard or crop top and shorts

Boys – Any leotard, vest top, or t-shirt and shorts


Students are required to wear any leotard or crop top and shorts (girls) and leotard or t-shirt (boys) for all training sessions.  Students are allowed to wear layers of clothing to ensure they are warmed prior to training.  Students are required to purchase a training leotard from the order form.

Gymnasts are not allowed to train in t-shirts after the warm-up.

Competition Attire

Gymnasts require the following items from the clothing order form for competitions:

  • Tracksuit jacket
  • Tracksuit bottoms
  • T-shirt or polo shirt
  • White socks
  • Competition leotards and shorts
  • Boys – hair neat and tidy; Girls – gelled buns
  • Gym Bag


Tracksuit Tops

Tracksuit Bottoms

Tee Shirts

Girls Leotard

Boys Leotard

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Order Forms

Please complete an order form (see below), enclosed in the information pack or collect from outside the gymnasium and return in an envelope with the money. Please pass all orders to Mrs Reddy.