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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Enrichment Week (June 2021)

While a large proportion of Ivybridge Community College students’ time is spent focussing on academic success, we also believe in helping students develop their characters; find out more about their interests and passions, and invest in their social, moral and cultural life skills.

That is why Enrichment Week has, in recent years, become an increasingly important part of the Ivybridge Community College calendar.

Activities running despite COVID-19 restrictions

Despite COVID-19 restrictions preventing the College from planning and rolling out a full week of events for every child, we are still putting in place a number of activities with the desire for every student (in Years 7 - 10) to take part in one worthwhile day of enrichment.

For Years 7, 8 and 9 the College is dedicating half a day to Sports Day.  Students will then be able to choose one activity option for the remaining half day.  Our aim is for everyone to take part.

For Year 10, students must choose one Enrichment activity option from the following. The aim is for everyone to take part.

  1. Off-site leisure activity from the list below
  2. Work experience or a first aid course (on-site)
  3. Subject coursework day (on-site)

The Enrichment Activities will be mostly onsite and lower key than usual, but valuable nonetheless.

Why are we still doing Enrichment Activities?

The purpose of this year’s Enrichment Activities is to:

  • ·      Reflect on the past 16 months
  • ·      Celebrate our students’ hard work and strength of spirit
  • ·      Reward the resilience that has been shown in online activities
  • ·      Focus on student wellbeing and having fun!

The activities will also boost self-confidence and help build life-long memories and friendships.

When is it?

Monday, 28 June to Friday, 2 July 2021

  • Year 7: Monday, 28 June
  • Year 8: Tuesday, 29 June
  • Year 10: Thursday, 1 July
  • Year 9: Friday, 2 July

Please click on your Year Group below for the letter, timetable and booking link.