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British Gymnastics Membership

British Gymnastics Membership

One of the requirements of attending gymnastics sessions at Ivybridge Gymnastics Academy is annual membership of British Gymnastics (BG).

Membership Benefits
Whether you are just starting out, or have been involved in gymnastics for some time, there is a whole range of benefits to being a part of the British Gymnastics community:

  • To be part of a strong and recognised organisation that ensures a safe, child-friendly and fun environment to enjoy gymnastics
  • Access to coaches qualified to national standards, ensuring the training received is of the highest standard
  • Opportunities for entry into competitions at all levels, for all abilities and disciplines
  • GymFusion – access to any of the events within the National Festivals Programme and Gymnastics for all
  • Comprehensive Insurance Packages
  • Access to the Customer Support department – advice and guidance for every aspect of your membership
  • BGTV – available on - bringing you the best gymnastics videos, interviews and events from the world of British Gymnastics
  • My Leadership Academy programme – enabling young people to help shape the future workforce of the Gymnastics community

Membership renewals are due on a yearly basis.  From October 2017, to comply with new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are no longer able to pass on students personal details to British Gymnastics.  It is therefore, essential that the following process is followed in this order:

  1. You must register your child’s membership details directly through the British Gymnastics website
  2. All membership fees must be paid to British Gymnastics directly
  3. The fee is £43 for silver membership and £19 for bronze membership


What type of membership do you need?

  • Silver Membership (£43)
  • Academy (Prelims)
  • Primary Academy (Prelims)


  • Bronze Membership (£19)
  • Academy (CDC Level)
  • Acrobatics & Girls Team Only
  • Primary Academy
  • Primary Club
  • Primary Recreational


You will need to go to the British Gymnastics Membership portal on the website to complete either the ‘new membership’ or ‘membership renewal’ process (more details below).  Completing this process will create your child’s vital insurance cover and must be completed by the end of November each year. 

Where and how to complete membership

Regardless of whether you are an existing or new member you can complete your child’s membership process by going to the British Gymnastics website and clicking on the Membership tab.  The specific web address is:

When the portal is open you will be asked to enter (answers in bold):

  • Personal details (which may speed up the process if BG already has your details on file)
  • Confirm Gymnastics Club – Ivybridge Gymnastics Academy
  • Main type of gymnastics – Acrobatics
  • Any other types of gymnastics – Any that apply (for example you may tick Artistic if your child does this somewhere else)
  • Membership types – Bronze or Silver (as stated above)

British Gymnastics tells us that the registration system on their website is quick and easy to use by mobile phone, tablet, computer or laptop.  You will not need to pay anything extra.  British Gymnastics will activate your membership and insurance cover immediately after you have completed the process and we have made payment, then they will send your membership confirmation and benefits information by both post and email.  British Gymnastics will notify Ivybridge Gymnastics Academy immediately when you have completed your registration.