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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Dedicated Student Impresses with BBC Competition Entry

Ivybridge Community College Year 11 student, George Folland, has produced a fantastic original composition during the lockdown to enter the BBC Young Composer 2020 competition this summer.

In his track entitled Tumker Road (click here to listen to it) you will hear his intention to create a musical landscape that combines aspects of a film score like a large string section with rhythmic elements from modern Pop and Hip Hop.  The name Tumkur Road comes from the area where the traffic sounds were recorded. 

George explained that he really appreciates this opportunity to share his work with a wider audience.  The track was created before lockdown, but he was able to use the time to create the written description for it. The notes were submitted in conjunction with the piece which was a requirement of the BBC competition.

Speaking about the piece George said that he, “wanted to create something that was rich with imagery, revolving around the busy traffic ambiance, manic drums, and bass.”  He also said that, “during lockdown, I have continued to create new music whilst also making an effort to improve my music theory knowledge.  As well as this, I have been using the time to explore my local area whilst experimenting with my dad's old 35mm camera."  

Katya Padlyevs’ka, Head of Music at the College said, “I am extremely proud of George’s achievements in and out of College, he is a phenomenal bass guitar and guitar player and has performed in so many events including the College’s latest Beauty and the Beast 2020 production.  He has always been a model student to his peers and younger students, with his kindness, impeccable manners, dedication, talent, calm and natural ability to support and lead others as well as ability to contribute sophisticated answers and opinions succinctly.  Over the last two years I have also watched George’s compositional style evolve where he can now compose freely as well as to a brief in a range of musical styles as would be expected from a professional and well-rounded musician working within the Music Industry.  I am absolutely delighted he is continuing with his career aspirations in Music next year and have no doubt he will be successful on this path.  I am also very excited about hearing more from him and his wonderful music in the future!”